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NewsFriday July 17th, 2020

Why is Zoom Popular amidst the COVID19…

When the COVID19 outbreak forces people to stay indoors. Suddenly person to person interaction has become dangerous. This condition is behind the rise of video conferencing apps. When the work from home rules began to take effect, we saw milling news about Zoom. 

For those who don’t know, Zoom is a video call/conference application that is currently being popularly used by the public.

Zoom is a video-conferencing application that has been around for a long time, it was developed since 2012. Before the pandemic, people didn’t seem to know Zoom very well. People are more familiar with Whatsapp video calls, Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, or Google Duo.

But during the pandemic, Zoom is the second most downloaded application, just a step behind Tiktok.

What made Zoom popular during the COVID19 outbreak?

Surprisingly, Zoom’s popularity increased sharply when the COVID19 outbreak. It seems like everyone knows what Zoom is, starting from parents (maybe), friends at work, friends, even neighbors. 

One of the interesting points offered by Zoom is its ability to accommodate 100 people in one conference room and is given free for 40 minutes. Besides, using zoom is also very easy and practical, without the need to log in to access the conference room.

During the COVID19 outbreak, offices that implement work from home need a teleconferencing application that is capable of accommodating large members and easy to use, and that was all we can find in Zoom. So, it did not take long for Zoom to gain popularity among business people.

To several users, the Zoom feature to record the conference video is a plus. Some users also believe that the video call quality is better than the other application.

Also, another interesting point is the Zoom ‘beautify’ filter. Of course, when you have online video calls with family, colleagues, or bosses, a ‘beautiful’ face will be preferred and Zoom facilitates this need through beautification filters.

Zoom also attracts its users by virtual background. Whether it is Burj Khalifa, or at the office, you can choose several virtual backgrounds provided by the apps. 

Zoom Becomes Famous Also Because of its Controversy

Zoom’s popularity is not always on the good side but also in terms of its ugliness. When Zoom gains popularity, people began to discover Zoom’s weaknesses. For example and the most critical is security.

Security and privacy risks are the main issues thrown at Zoom developers. Ease offered by Zoom was not offset by a layer of qualified security. An irresponsible person can create a fake access code to enter the room meeting.

The intruders in the online meeting at Zoom can distribute offensive material such as pornography, etc. As reported from The, an IT security researcher created an automatic tool that can find 100 ID Zoom meetings within 1 hour and can access information from nearly 2400 zoom meetings in just one day.

Later, the video calls via the Zoom application are not encrypted, which makes it easy for intruders to steal user data. 

Improvements were made, but few people apply

To resolve the security and privacy issues, Zoom then applied a password since the end of last year. However, it turns out that few people apply the password in Zoom meetings.

And then, for the sake of their seriousness in overcoming security and privacy issues, Zoom is delaying their 90-day feature freeze so that all engineer resources can be allocated to address security and privacy issues.

Well, Zoom is an example of a software development company that achieved success in times of ‘darkness’ due to the COVID19 outbreak. The same company at the same time was also hit by security issues and could bring down the company at any time. But they still survive and improve themselves. 

Then, is your business also facing problems? Are you thinking of using digital technology to boost sales? Don’t think about it alone because we are ready to help you find a solution to your problem. Contact us for more talks about technology and we’ll let you know how we work to help our clients.

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