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NewsMonday February 8th, 2021

5 YouTube Video Editing Software of 2021

You may have a long search for video editing software on PC to create YouTube videos. And if you did, we will share some of the video editing software, the good and the bad. When you finished reading, we hope you will no longer confuse about editing YouTube videos. Don’t worry, we provide a list of easy-to-use video editing software and available for free. 

Let’s check on the 5 YouTube video editing software of 2021 below.


(5) iMovie

iMovie is specifically designed for Mac users. It is a built-in app in Mac and is available with basic features. However, the good thing is that the software support editing videos in 4K and HD. It will likely have no issue when used to edit video from modern digital cameras such as GoPro and iPhone.

Besides that, the iMovie is superior from its visual appearance. An ordinary video will look spectacular and attractive with a visual effect feature. Besides that, iMovie can stabilize shaky clips on your videos.


(4) Virtual Dub

For beginners in video editing, try using the Virtual Dub application. This video editing application has basic features that are quite easy to operate. What features does Virtual Dub have? You can edit large videos, crop and resize videos.

After editing a video from a digital camera, you can immediately upload it on YouTube for free. Unfortunately, this video editing application does not support more advanced editing features. 


(3) YouTube Studio Video Editor 

Do you want to edit a video that has already been uploaded on YouTube for some reason? No need to panic, you can do it with YouTube Studio Video Editor. The benefit of this application is that you can edit videos without losing the number of views and likes. 

This application allows you to blur, delete parts of the video, and several other things. This way, you can make your old videos even more perfect! 


(2) Blender

If you already have video editing skills, you can move on to a video editing application that is much more advanced. One of the recommended video editing applications available for free is Blender. Many people say this application is quite difficult to use, however, Blender promises cool features, such as game creation, animation, rendering, and more. 

You can also add as many videos and photos as you want. However, keep in mind that sometimes this application is slow to operate.


(1) Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Even if you are a beginner YouTuber, this shouldn’t be an obstacle for you to produce cool, high-quality videos. For this, you have to use the Wondershare Filmora Video Editor YouTube video editing app. Apart from the basic features, this application includes other editing features, such as video stabilization, de-noise, and many more. 

What’s cool is that you can use several sound effects and music for free. You can combine several videos at once and add several effects to make a whole video that is beautiful and attractive. 

These are the recommendations for the YouTube video editing application on a laptop in 2021. Of these five applications, have you ever tried one?



Photo by Peter Stumpf on Unsplash

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