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BlogTuesday December 29th, 2020

6 Indonesian YouTube Channels to Learn Programming

To learn programming doesn’t always start by taking a computer science and/or informatics engineering major at the universities. The fact is, the knowledge we get in the universities are the basics. To become experts and professional, a programmer must always forge themselves by continuing practices every day and never stop learning.

Learn programming can use any medium, you can try the podcast programming, or try the YouTube. It seems that YouTube now is more popular than the conventional method of learning.

For this, we’ve collected several YouTube channel for everyone who want to learn IT and programing. Take a look a the list below.

1.Sekolah Koding

Sekolah Koding is YouTube channel to learn programming from zero. This channel shares knowledge about website development. They created  a playlist containing topics such as HTML, JavaScript, Front End, Back End, PHP, Phyton, Kotlin, and so on.

This channel has been with us for long, it first content is in 2014. As it served in Indonesian language, we guarantee you will have no difficulties in following the topics and materials. 

Visit channel Sekolah Koding HERE.

2. Kawan Koding

Kawan Koding has 1,7k subscriber, and has a lot videos for everyone who wants to learn coding/programming via YouTube. The materials they served is mainly talks about Laravel so it must be good for every programmer who wish to go deep into the Laravel.

However, you can also learn about other coding materials such as PHP, Vuejs, and Javascript. This channel is created by Indonesian and using Indonesian language so you will have no difficulties in understanding the materials.

Visit channel Kawan Koding HERE

3. CodePolitan

CodePolitan is a YouTube channel to learn coding in Indonesian language. The channel guided by experienced mentor. If you want to learn the basic of computer programming, you can refer to this channel.

The material they provide is structured in such a way, for example, basic programming algorithms, learning GIT for beginners, learning PHP, basic HTML, and CSS, etc.

Visit channel CodePolitan HERE

4. JuniorDev

JuniorDev is a YouTube channel that provides programming and IT tutorial videos. This channel is fronted by Sofyan Setiawan and already has 25k subscribers. For newbies, the channel is useful to learn HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, jQuery, web design, game development, wordpress, etc. The material presented is quite complete

This channel is in Indonesian so it is certainly easy for Indonesian web developers to understand.

Visit channel JuniorDev HERE

5. Dicoding Indonesia

Dicoding Indonesia is a YouTube channel to learn programming for Indonesian developers. The content on this channel is well-crafted and arranged in such a way. They have several playlist themes such as Dicoding Live, Developer Coaching, Dicoding Story, Code Review, Developer 101, and several other playlists.

The mentors were diverse and certainly experienced. If you want to learn the ins and outs of programming can visit the Dicoding Indonesia channel HERE

6. Kelas Terbuka

Among all the channels we mentioned above, Kelas Terbuka is the only channel that have received a verified badge YouTube. Their subscriber has reached 163K.

This channel provides programming learning materials such as Java programming tutorials, C ++, Matplotlib, Python, etc. The material they present is mostly Python, so if you want to explore Python, you can refer to it here.

Visit their channel HERE

Reference: petanikode
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