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NewsWednesday July 15th, 2020

New Normal, AsiaQuest Issues New Rules on…

COVID19 Pandemic has now changed our way of life, maybe for temporary or maybe forever. During the pandemic, working remotely or also called work from home is getting more familiar in our ears. Maybe in the future offices will allow employees to work remotely from home.

AsiaQuest Indonesia is no exception, which now gives employees the freedom to work remotely from wherever they are. Although working remotely is not a new policy in AsiaQuest, this time there is something different.

Working Remotely Only for Emergency Conditions

Working Remotely is nothing new in AsiaQuest Indonesia. Employees who are unable to attend the office due to emergency conditions may ask to work remotely from wherever they are. Employees may apply for working remotely for a maximum of one to two times in a month. Of course, you must first obtain permission to work remotely from the supervisor.

Now Working Remotely Applies to Any Condition

This month, AsiaQuest Indonesia has just issued a new regulation regarding working remotely. Later, employees will be allowed to work remotely which is not merely limited to emergency conditions. With the new rules, employees can work remotely even when the reason is they get bored to work in an office.

The new regulation can be a breath of fresh air for employees. As now working remotely becomes a common thing everywhere, we should remember the important thing. That is to maintain the quality of work when working remotely. 

As employees will enjoy the convenience of the new rules, there will be a payback. The payback is to give good working performance even when working remotely. Failing to give good working performance will be a huge loss for the employee himself because it will break the trust given by the company.

Employees Can Work Remotely For Half of the month

Working remote policy that has just been issued by the AsiaQuest for its employees, is not without rules. The rule is, the AsiaQuest will provide working remotely as much as 50% of the total working days in a month.

The above rule illustrated as below:

For example, in a month there are a total of 20 working days, then employees can apply for remote working as much as 10 days. The number of days can be taken consecutively. 

Employees are Free to Work from Anywhere

The definition of working remotely is to work from anywhere, not merely work from home. Employees could be get bored into the office every day and want a new atmosphere, then he wants to work remotely from the parents’ house in the village, from boarding houses, from rented houses, from cafes, from malls, wherever it is: up to you. 

But, that should be with one condition, working from anywhere will not interfere with the working performance. For example, employees work at their parents’ homes in the village and difficult to get a good internet signal, then employees must find a solution for that. The problem of internet signals should not be an obstacle to work since communication is the key to a remote working environment.

Specifically for the current pandemic conditions, working in a crowd such as cafes, malls, restaurants, and/or co-working space is not recommended. At present, it is better to work from locations that comply with the health protocol established by the government.

Are There Any Facilities for Working Remotely?

Are there any facilities provided by the office for working remotely? To be honest, working remotely for half of the month is a special privilege from the company. So, regarding facilities during working remotely, mostly will be provided by the employees.

For example, an internet connection must be provided by the employees, as well as electricity. Then if the office usually provides coffee, tea, sugar, milk, snacks, it will now be coming out from employee’s personal expenses in working remote conditions.

For devices or laptops, the office can facilitate a laptop only by following the procedures established by the HR department.

Well, are you interested in working policies like this? If you are IT experts who are looking for companies that have a working remote policy as above, you can try joining us. Check our career page for information on vacancies that we are currently opening.

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