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BlogWednesday June 2nd, 2021

Woebot, a Chatbot that Befriends with People…

Mental health issues are currently a threat to human survival. Various methods of therapy and treatment are available but it doesn’t seem to be able to solve mental health issues.

A large number of people with mental disorders who are far from the reach of medical treatment have moved to Woebot Health to look for a solution. The solution that Woebot Health offers is therapeutic solutions using digital technology.

Woebot develops technology that can be trusted and befriend humans. The hope is that this technology will be a solution to mental health disparities, from monitoring symptoms to managing them. Therefore, Woebot developed a digital therapy tool in the form of a mobile application with an automated therapeutic process and content.

This digital therapy tool developed by Woebot is able to form a therapeutic bond with the user to generate a better result in therapy. 

The Woebot Health Platform with AI

Digital Therapy must now be able to assess and respond to changes in human life on a regular and routine basis. The good news is that the Woebot Health Platform with AI is the basis of digital therapy and clinical tools to support users’ mental health throughout their lives.

Woebot, as a digital therapy agency, will build an inner bond with users and try to be friends just like human friends. The digital therapy provided by Woebot is also arbitrary, they use targeted treatment methods using multidisciplinary tools, related to psychology, and are responsive to the user’s mental health state that is dynamic and changes over time.

The AI ​​in the Woebot Health platform serves to formulate content that is able to create an inner bond with the user, as well as to maintain that bond. AI (artificial intelligence) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the right technologies because of their ability to understand and adapt to a person’s emotional state, as well as their cognitive abilities, to motivate and monitor inner bonds, as well as practice a therapeutic technique that is proven in the scientific world.

How Woebot Works

We can call Woebot a digital therapy agent because it uses digital technology (mobile applications), artificial intelligence (AI), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Woebot will invite users to chat like a friend. Woebot will conduct a supportive conversation simulation so that users want to be more open and provide appropriate therapy so that mental health therapy can be accessed by more people.

AI and NLP in Woebot will study millions of user conversations in order to be able to provide psychologically therapeutic solutions, responsive to people’s dynamic mental health state, and targeted using cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal discipline tools.

Services Provided by Woebot

Broadly speaking, Woebot provides several services, namely:

  1. Woebot for Adult Mental Health (helps monitor and manage symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety).
  2. Woebot for Adolescent Mental Health (Specially designed for adolescents aged 12 to 21 who experience symptoms of depression and anxiety).
  3. Woebot for Maternal Mental Health (Specially designed to help women monitor their mental health during pregnancy and beyond).
  4. Woebot for Problem Substance Use (Designed to reduce substance abuse cases and minimize potential harm).

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