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NewsWednesday September 30th, 2020

The New Touch in Windows 10 Keyboard…

Typing with Windows 10 now feels more fun with their latest work update. The Windows 10 Keyboard Touch will be upgraded to support emoji, voice typing, and modern updated GIF.

This latest update will allow the users to find and insert an animated GIF that has upgraded to appear more fun and attractive when put into the text. With this update, the Windows keyboard will have a better user experience and a very comfortable typing activity.

Users can move the cursor between the spacebar just like the iOS cursor used to navigate. The latest keyboard touch is supported with a spacebar that use to navigate the cursor.

How about the update on emoji? As quoted from, scrolling through the windows 10 emoji allows the user to look for emoji, animation GIF, clipboard history. To improve the emoji search, Windows uses the Microsoft Fluent Design System.

The Best Dubbed Voice Typing in Windows History

Aside from update on its outer appearance, Windows also fix their inner feature by creating the new form of Dubbed Voice Typing. Dubber Voice Typing with better modern design supported with the latest back end and automatic punctuation.

It is so good that Windows claimed their Dubbed Voice Typing has the most reliable voice typing experience in Windows history. All the updates on Windows 10 have just been tested in Dev Channel by Windows Insiders at the beginning of September.

Who knows, this keyboard touch may have another feature that is hiding in secret, far from public reach. If you are interested in knowing the details, please wait for its launch in the first semester of 2021.



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