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NewsTuesday December 15th, 2020

5 Most Popular Web Development 2020

Everything related to technology will always change fast. It is so fast that trends will change every year. Like it or not, programmers need to be aware of these changes in trends to meet market expectations. In website development, several technologies are gaining popularity this year. Before the year ends, let’s check out the 2020 most popular web developments.


(1) Virtual and Augmented Reality

Is there a way to experience something that feels impossible in the real world? The answer is yes, there is! If you have never seen snow in your entire life, you can still ski in the snow with virtual and augmented reality (VR & AR) technology. Both have been widely applied in sophisticated games.

Besides entertainment purposes, this technology is also adopted in laboratories to help patients with disabilities. Even color-blind patients can distinguish colors with the help of technology. How is the implementation in the industrial world? Well, VR & AR can help prospective buyers to “see” firsthand a product or service online.

Web development technology is a solution to bridge the needs of companies and consumers. No wonder VR & AR are the most popular web development technologies in 2020. 


(2) Machine Learning and AI 

People have probably heard of machine learning and AI from movies without even understanding what they really are. This year, machine learning and AI are the most talked-about tools. The pandemic is driving more innovation in AI and machine learning. 

The main reason companies are using AI is to improve user quality. One of the services that use AI is a chatbot. Chatbots can make it easier for companies to serve consumers for 24 hours non-stop. Thus, companies and consumers can better be connected.


(3) Progressive Web Apps 

More than half of the world’s internet users have switched to mobile devices. Therefore, companies must proceed to transition from web app to mobile app. The goal is to make it easier for mobile device users to access your website.

Then what about desktop and laptop users? Will their needs be made up for mobile users? This will not happen because experts find a solution for this issue, it is the progressive web apps technology.

What is a progressive web app? Progressive web apps allow the website’s appearance to adjust automatically according to the screen size of user devices, such as tablets and smartphones. For example, a landscape photo on the desktop will automatically change to a portrait on the smartphone screen.

Developers don’t have to work hard to adjust the overall appearance of the website version to suit the type of device. And users do not need to download certain applications to be able to access websites that match the type of device.


(4) Voice Search Optimization

Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa are all testament to how popular voice search optimization is. In web development, voice search optimization will make users more comfortable in searching for something without having to manually type keywords.

It is also confirmed by a survey stating that more than 50% of internet users will use voice search optimization by the end of 2022. Thanks to this technology because now users and companies will be greatly helped. Moreover, many IoT platforms also rely on voice search optimization.


(5) Push Notification

To improve user experience (UX), companies can use push notifications. The marketing team heavily relies on push notifications to increase product engagement, as well as brand awareness of companies. Push notifications allow you to easily promote your products.

Without having to install an application, consumers have access to your product. This tool is even more effective because it can be applied either on the web or on mobile apps. Thus, the target audience for push notifications is even wider.

After looking at the top five web developments in 2020, do you think your company ready to adopt one of them? In terms of users, which web development tools do you often encounter? Believe it or not, with these web development tools human life is getting easier and more practical, right?


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