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NewsThursday December 3rd, 2020

Python Beat Java as The Second Most…

Python has just made history in the TIOBE index for November 2020. For the first time in 20 years, Python has managed to beat Java as the second most popular programming language in the world. Previously, the TIOBE Index for October 2020 showed that Java was in second place and C in the first place.

However, this condition changed in the next month. Python, as an easy-to-use programming language, has finally gained popularity. Can you guess the reason behind the increasing popularity of Python?


The Reasons Behind Python’s Popularity

TIOBE CEO Paul Jansen expressed his opinion regarding this rare phenomenon. According to Jansen, this increase in popularity is related to the increasing need for software programmers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are digitizing their businesses. Thus, the need for software programmers is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately, software programmers with high abilities are still rare.

Human resources limitations make non-software programmers an alternative choice. For non-software programmers, Python is the right choice to help them with their work. Python programming language offers everything a non-software programmer would need.

Python is simpler than Java so it can be operated by non-software programmers. Plus, Python’s capabilities are Java-level with seamless deployments.

Apart from Jasen’s theory, other opinions are also worth to considered. According to the other opinion, the popularity of Python is closely related to the increasing popularity of technologies that use Python, such as AI, data mining, numerical computing, and others.  

Do you understand now why Python is popular and used by programmers. Which one is your choice, Python or Java?



Photo by Riku Lu on Unsplash


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