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NewsFriday April 16th, 2021

The Web App Development Process

Creating a website or web system is not easy. There is a long process to go through to make a successful web development project. So, how do we start a web app development? Let’s take a look at the step-by-step of carrying out a web app development process below:


1. Decide How You Will Create a Web App


First of all, you have to know how you will create a web app. How many people are needed in the team, and what skills are needed in a team.

If in your company there is no internal IT team ready to work on a web app development project, there is no other way but to ask for help from an IT consulting company such as AsiaQuest Indonesia to work on your project.


2. Product Conceptualization


The next is, you need to conceptualize the product you are selling. The following questions will help you in the product conceptualization process. Be sure to answer these question before you started:

  1. What do you want to build?
  2. Who is the audience for your product?
  3. Why do people use your product?
  4. What goals do you want to achieve from making this project?

By answering these questions, you are already creating a simple framework to make your project more specific and have clear objectives.


3. Kick-Off Project 


Before the project starts is always a kick-off. Kick-off brings together all team members. Every team member should meet each other or get to know each other and learn about the role they will play in web app development projects.

In addition, at this stage, there will also be a little discussion about what tools will be used in the process, for example, Slack, Jira, Figma, etc. Also, it will also discuss the rules for communicating and schedules for regular meetings.


4. Discovery phase 


After the kick-off meeting, it is time for the discovery phase. In this stage, the team is expected to be able to:

  1. Verify the feasibility of the initial vision by creating the software prototype
  2. Testing on various technologies and tools to be used
  3. Determining the MVP (Minimum Valuable Product)
  4. Designing infrastructure and deployment
  5. Finding the needs, wishes, etc. of your target audience in depth.

This process helps you to minimize the risks that may arise during the process. You should have a complete project backlog as well as a list of priority tasks for the team to work on during the project life cycle.


5. Wireframe and Design


Design is the crucial stage in the web app development process. You may have seen a colorful and eye-catching interface, but the most successful designs are those with humble beginnings, the wireframes.

Start with simple mockups and wireframes to see if your idea meets the expectations of the end-user. If you are working on a client-owned project, the wireframe and design stages are an important step in aligning your ideas with the goals the client wants to achieve.


6. Development


The web app development process can be successful with the support framework that suits your needs. At least an agile framework is needed for the success of the web app development process. Agile frameworks are able to provide value continuously and are flexible in terms of project scope.

Apart from the framework, don’t forget to include a QA specialist in your team to test the whole process.


7. Maintenance


After a web app is launched, the process does not finish yet. After going through the long process, you have to make sure that all team members are still ready to:

  1. Fix bugs
  2. Introducing changes based on feedback from customer
  3. Optimizing product
  4. Updating permissions
  5. Adding new features based on the product roadmap

We hope that the above explanation will help you in carrying out a web app development project. If you are still confused about it, you can always contact an IT consultant to give you a deeper understanding of the web app development process. Contact AsiaQuest Indonesia, a trusted IT consultant with hundreds of experience handling websites development, web systems, mobile apps, internet marketing, etc.


Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash

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