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NewsThursday November 5th, 2020

VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM, Digital Security…

The COVID19 pandemic has affected the world of work. Workers who used to be obliged to come to the office every day, are then required to work from home. This condition then required the company to adjust themselves to the new and limited circumstances.

Work From Home Increase the Cybersecurity Threats 

VMware Carbon Black’s Global Threat Report revealed that global cybersecurity threats are increasing during the COVID19 pandemic. Companies now have to adapt to these unpredictable conditions. Especially in network security issues, qualified protection is needed to support businesses and adapt to current conditions.

The increasing need to work from home also increases the need for network security. Especially now that public and private clouds are heavily used, adding to the company’s need for better security protection than before.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM, a Resilient Security Solution

The good news is, VMware, Inc., a software company, introduced the VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM, a security solution that provides better protection for modern workloads.

As quoted from, VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM is fully integrated with vSphere, make it easier for the users to install and manage. It also supports the consolidation of multiple telemetries for various security cases on workload.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM was specially developed to support companies who wish for better business security. Especially with the current condition where employees working scattered in various regions due to the pandemic, VMware Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM is very supportive of these working conditions.

Features on Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM

Carbon Black Cloud WorkloadTM specially formulated for some of the things below:

  1. Finding the high-risk vulnerability
  2. Monitoring the workload, applying the endpoint detection and response (EDR) on workload
  3. Strengthening workload with next-generation antivirus (NGAV)
  4. Easy operation thanks to an intrinsic approach to virtual space security as well as the full implementation of workloads.



Photo by: bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

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