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BlogFriday November 6th, 2020

VMware and NVIDIA Collaboration to Accelerate AI…

VMware and NVIDIA are working together to help accelerate AI for businesses in Indonesia. The collaboration between the two IT vendors is to create an artificial intelligence platform and architecture for the data center, cloud, and edge by using SmartNICs to support the needs of a new generation of applications.

The enormous potential of AI should be put to good use. For this, VMWare and NVIDIA intend to become a bridge to accelerate and make it easier for various businesses to gain access to AI technology.

In the future, every business in various types of industries will be able to take advantage of AI technology to support their products and services. Whether it’s a medical researcher who wants to find new breakthroughs in medicine, or a financial businessman who wants to protect assets using the latest fraud detection tools, and many more.

Ready to Use AI Platforms for Business Entrepreneurs 

In the future, customers can find a set of AI software in the NVIDIA NGC platform that will join the VMWare vSphere, VMWare Cloud Foundation, and VMWare Tanzu.

The duet of VMWare and NVIDIA is solely for the sake of helping companies to bring AI technology into each of their businesses. Companies can take benefit from ready-to-use AI platforms to encourage their businesses to grow and develop more.

Cloud Hybrid Architecture for New Generation Applications

The VMWare Cloud Foundation and NVIDIA BlueField®-2 data processing unit will join forces to create a new architecture for the data center, cloud, and edge. The new data architecture is made to be compatible with the next generation of applications.

AI, machine learning, high throughput, and data-centric applications often demand large slots in traditional data center architectures. By moving hypervisors, network, security, and storage tasks from the CPU to SmartNIC or DPU, the new architecture promises a breakthrough of zero-trust performance, operations, and security for new generation applications.



Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

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