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NewsTuesday April 20th, 2021

Twitter Spaces Vs Clubhouse, Which One is…

Twitter Spaces VS Clubhouse, which one is better? The two platforms is an audio-based social media platform but somehow, each of them must carry different characteristics, be it the good and the bad things. Therefore, we will review these two in the hope to bring a new reference for the users. 


(1) Twitter Spaces: Practical and Multifunction 

Twitter Spaces is already there on the Twitter platform. Thus, Twitter now accommodates two functions, text-based social media, and audio-based social media. To enjoy both, users don’t have to download two different apps.

The Twitter Spaces also connected with some functions in Twitter. In this way, you can easily promote your room in Twitter Spaces to Twitter to gain more audiences and/or followers. While the Clubhouse is an independent app without having a text-based social media platform available.


(2) Clubhouse Wins for Its Exclusivity! 

When talking about exclusivity, Clubhouse has no enemy. Well, actually it is closely related to the main purpose behind the development of Clubhouse, the connectivity, and network. You will have no freedom to add a new friend. Therefore, users will strictly careful when inviting friends over the Clubhouse app. 

So, in other words, the people in Clubhouse are filtered by the invitation system. Thus, network and connectivity can run smoothly, productively, and effectively. The room will only be available for those who really know the matter or want to know the matter.

Also, please take note that discussions and talks inside the Clubhouse can’t be recorded. When the room is over, all of the discussions and talks will be gone, no trace, just nothing. For this reason, people are checking the Clubhouse app regularly to never miss an insightful room. 

How about The Twitter Spaces? 

Unlike the Clubhouse, the Twitter Spaces is purposely created as the opposite. To join Clubhouse, you need an invitation that is very limited. While in Twitter Spaces, everyone has the same access. When a follower joins Spaces, he/she can join the room and/or discussions. Clearly, it opens for anyone anytime any locations. 

In addition, Twitter Spaces also provides a record function. If you miss a room, you can listen to it later from the audio clip recorded. The audio clip recorded can also be shared on Twitter. It goes the same for Spaces, you can also post a twit there. 


(3) Twitter Pays Attention to Detail 

A feature that may be attractive for Spaces users is emojis. Just like Instagram Live, you can send emojis in the room. If you don’t have any opinion to deliver, send a response in emoji!

This emoji can also be used for artists or anyone who going live concert in Spaces or whatever shows you provide to your followers! This feature is not available at the Clubhouse. So, if you are a shy person, Twitter Spaces might be the best choice for you.

The Twitter Spaces is even more perfect with the existence of live transcriptions. Any unclear explanations and/or foreign language issues will be solved with this feature.

There it is the good and the bad of Twitter Spaces vs Clubhouse. We hope this review will be helpful for you in choosing between these two. If you ask which one is better, the answer depends on your needs.




Photo by Adem AY on Unsplash

Twitter Spaces Vs Clubhouse
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