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NewsTuesday July 14th, 2020

The 3 Benefits of AI in Transportation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has led the transportation industry to enter a new era. The latest cutting edge technology has made it possible. In the past, people were obsessed with flying cars that visually perfect only in science fiction movies. We haven’t seen a flying car now though, but at least now we have self-driving cars. It is not possible to see flying cars in several years in the future.

With self-driving cars, people can seat at the back of the steering wheel while reading at the news and let the car drive by itself. The self-driving car is proof that the developer has succeeded in developing the AI for the cars. The self-driving car is a major improvement in the transportation sector.

What is the Benefit of AI in the Transportation Industry?

Scientists have long dreamed that AI can be a solution to problems in the transportation industry. As saying, AI is the answer for four (4) problems in transportation, including traffic jams, passenger safety, maintenance costs, and gas emissions. So, what is exactly the Artificial Intelligence can do to help the transportation industry?

Reduce Traffic Congestion

For many years, traffic jam has been part of our daily life. Especially, to those living in big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, or Yogyakarta, getting stuck in traffic for hours has been our daily routine. AI technology is hoped to help the officials in regulating the traffic. Public Mobility Monitoring with AI technology can help to solve this problem.

The surveillance cameras installed on the roads and streets to monitor traffic density. The footages by the surveillance cameras will be sent to the clouds and processed with data analytic together with AI. The process in the clouds generates information to predict traffic congestion.

Officers can manage vehicle mobility effectively and efficiently. Manage the roads and streets when there is a road closure, large scale social restrictions, and accidents that usually disturb the traffic from flow smoothly. When traffic jams can be handled, the carbon emission can also be tackled.

If you interested in this service, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We have developed Public Mobility Monitoring with AI technologies to effectively help governments in handling traffic and vehicle mobility.

A More Improved Customer Experience, No Need to Wait Long at The Airport! 

How many snacks and drinks you consumed just to kill times when your flight is delayed? This food perk is not equal to your precious time that is wasted. But thankfully, these conditions might soon change with the help of AI.

AI is believed to be able to improve customer experience, especially in giving flight information quickly than the conventional one. Passengers can check flight, weather conditions, and flight updates in real-time.

All is thanks to the AI and machine learning that it is possible to provide information in real-time to the passengers. With information at the hand, passengers can reschedule flights or doing other things without having to spend more time at the airport. 

Self-Driving Cars = Human Resource Efficiency

The self-driving car using the latest technological resources including Artificial intelligence. A decade ago we only see self-driving cars in movies, but now it has happened. When first developed, there were quite the haters that think this project is nonsense. Maybe the same fate is now being faced by the flying car’s developer since the project now seems to be still in question.

But, shoutout to the developer who worked hard in bringing self-driving cars into the real world. Although, the concept still excludes the 0% human intervention (means that it is not 100% self-driving). For safety consideration, the self-driving car still needs human control.

But, what makes the self-driving car different from the regular conventional car? The difference lies in the technologies. The self-driving car can be functioned as though it is our private assistant. With this feature, humans can be more productive since the self-driving car enables humans to do multitasking work while driving. Multitasking is a forbidden word in driving.

With the self-driving car, you can do multiple tasks while driving behind the wheel. Check up on reports, read the news, breakfast, or make quality time with the person beside you.

From a business perspective, self-driving vehicles can reduce the company’s expenses. The technology can cut maintenance costs and administrative fees, moreover when it comes to the remote areas. Later, the company can create efficiency in human resources by using self-driving vehicles, no more hiring a driver.

Even though the adoption of Artificial intelligence technology still creates pros and cons, we cannot deny that Artificial intelligence can have a huge impact on our life. Aside from giving benefits to the transportation industry, Artificial Intelligence can now help us in the implementation of the new normal. We have described the benefits of AI in the new normal life in the article “The Four Tools with AI Technology to Guard the New Normal”. 

If you still questioning Artificial Intelligence or just want to have a talk about the information technology, contact our team immediately or check-up the Contact Us page.

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