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NewsWednesday September 2nd, 2020

Top 5 Popular Digital Tech Jobs in…

The president of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has said that Indonesia will need around 9 million IT experts for 15 years ahead. The high demand for IT experts is claimed to be a domino effect from the digital transformation plan in Indonesia. In other words, Indonesia needs more professionals in digital technology for the next few years.

If right now you are interested in digital technology, you can consider these top 5 jobs that are predicted to be in high demand for the future.

1. Startup Founder

Indonesia has several unicorn startups founded by Indonesian, for example; Traveloka, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak. The success story from those three unicorn startups is a motivation for young entrepreneurs to take similar steps. Seeing that the government now in full support for the digital transformation, we should take these chances. This means that the opportunity to develop business in the digital sector is widely opened.

The current momentum where the digital transformation concept is heavily prioritized, the young entrepreneurs can start to cook their ideas and turn them into digital startup tech from now on. Start with surveys and mapping market demands! Who knows in the future, there might be another Nadiem Makarim or Achmad Zacky!

2. Artificial intelligence Specialists

Artificial intelligence specialists are predicted to be in high demand for the future. It is certainly still related to the digital transformation plan in Indonesia. We need to keep in mind that AI is one of the key technology in the digital transformation era.

Therefore, the country will need IT experts to specialize in AI technology. The main task of the artificial intelligence specialist is to perform cognitive simulation and create a program to let the machine have the ability to think. Considering Indonesia does not yet have many talents in artificial intelligence, this profession seems to have a bright future with a good paycheck!

3. Data Scientist

To process operational data, business or companies needs expert data scientists. Data scientists will collect, process, and analyze various types of data to create a pattern. The data is used as guidance to predict market trends. Companies determine the steps to be taken based on recommendations from data scientists.

With the growth of digital businesses, the need for data scientists will certainly be increased. The skills and knowledge that the data scientists have will be used to process large data sets in a limited time.  This skill set will be a benefit to be adjusted to the dynamic market rhythm.

4. Full-stack engineer

In a professional industry, a developer with one specialization works in a team with other developers with different specializations to create software. A full-stack engineer in the future will likely be in high demand since they usually know several programming languages. In summary, the works that previously need more developers now can be done with a full-stack engineer.

5. Application Developer

Application developers in the future are also projected to be highly needed. In the digital era, you can find that there are a lot of mobile applications specially created to ease human life. Mobile apps such as financial management apps, workout apps, and work productivity apps are highly developed in the current era. All of these apps were built and developed by application developers.

In the future, the application developer will be needed considering the human activities now are switching from offline to online. Thus, the need for mobile applications will increase. The apps to be developed are not limited to one business so there still be a lot of space for development.

There is a lot more professional job that is predicted to be popular in the future. Right now, you can slowly find out what you are interested in, later, you can choose the jobs that you desire the most.

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