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NewsTuesday January 5th, 2021

What is Social Media Marketing?

When face to face promotion is impossible due to the COVID19 pandemic, social media marketing is the most powerful marketing strategy to promote product and services. With social media marketing, you can promote products and services online by using all platforms of social media. Social media allows you to promote products and services faster and easier without bound by time or space.

This is the main benefit of social media marketing. Don’t be surprised when finding social media accounts camouflaging into e-commerce. Not a few are making jokes, telling that Instagram now has turned into an e-commerce platform.

However, to do social media marketing is not easy. Not all products and services we put on social media will sold out. There are tips and tricks to apply if you want to succeed in holding a social media marketing.


Tips in Using Social Media Marketing to Promote Product and Services 

There are at least three tips in social media marketing that will help you to gain success in drive sales. Please read our tips below. 


(1) Focus at The Most Relevant Social Media Platform

Let’s count how many social media platform that is available today? There is around 21 social media platform that available today including Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Tik Tok, Reddit, Path, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and many more. The number of social media platforms today is indeed a lot however we don’t need to put our product and services on all of the social media platforms. 

Find the best suited social media platform by considering the market target. Focus on one to three social media platforms to promote products. For example, you can choose Instagram and YouTube to promote makeup products by adopting a product review concept.

The promotion concept can be different adjusted to the platform and type of product. To aim at the right target, pick the social media platform in which the concept fits with the product and services.


(2) Creative Content 

After finding the best platform to be used in social media marketing strategy, the next step is to focus on content creation. Seek out the best creativity in creating content to gain engagement from users.

To create creative and attractive content, there are several tips. First, study the market and know your competitors. You can gain knowledge in market demands, as well as the latest products and services trend from the research. This is aim to serve up to date content.

And the last, don’t forget to create content that is in line with business goals. The content should be relevant, otherwise, social media marketing will be useless. 


(3) Post at the Right Timing

Conduct research on the best timing to post content. Every social media platform has its different best timing to post. Knowing this little secret will help you to gain the best performance and engagement. Avoid too many posts and invest in consistency and quality. Have a try!

Anda dapat melakukan riset kapan waktu terbaik untuk posting konten. Setiap platform media sosial memiliki waktu terbaik untuk posting yang berbeda-beda. Dengan mengetahui informasi ini, Anda dapat mem-posting konten pada waktu terbaik untuk mendapatkan banyak engagement. Hindari terlalu sering mem-posting konten dan utamakan konsistensi dan kualitas konten. Selamat mencoba!



Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash

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