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NewsFriday September 25th, 2020

Recovering WhatsApp Account After Being Hacked

What can happen if WhatsApp account is being hacked? If it is a personal account, you don’t need to think about huge losses. However, what if the WhatsApp business account gets hacked? 

You shall be worried and scared for might gonna happen next. The hacker has the power and access to harm your customers, so it is normal if you worried a lot. But, before bad things happen, you can follow these tips below to recover the WhatsApp account after being hacked. 

What are the steps to recover WhatsApp accounts after being hacked? Extracted from, here comes the full explanation! 

  1. You have to sign in on your WhatsApp account. Please use the registered phone number to sign in and enter the OTP code sent via SMS. Be careful, you should never tell or share this SMS OTP code with anyone. 
  2. This simple step will automatically log out of your WhatsApp account on the hacker side. 

However, there are several other conditions that you should pay attention to. 

First, you must provide a two-step verification code to be able to access your WhatsApp account again. If this is works, the hacker will log out of your WhatsApp account. However, you will have to wait up to seven days if you don’t know the verification code. 

This indicates that the hacker may have turned on this two-step verification. If so, what should we do? Never confirmed email verification if you never asked for this verification. It could be that the hacker is trying to ask you for verification. 

Hopefully, the above tips on recovering the WhatsApp account after being hacked is helpful for you. When your account is hacked, don’t panic and follow the account recovery steps above. That way, you still have the opportunity to take over your WhatsApp account. 

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