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NewsThursday September 24th, 2020

TikTok Safety Tips

While most people now are on quarantine, TikTok can be fun enough just to kill their leisure time. TikTok for most Indonesian is nothing new. TikTok gaining much more attention especially when the government imposed large-scale social restrictions. We know that TikTok is fun and entertaining but it is always good to know the safety rules beforehand.

Particularly when Communication and Information System Security Research Center (CISSReC) found a suspicious transmission in TikTok. The researcher didn’t find any malware in TikTok but the TikTok community was encouraged to be careful and keep an eye on their privacy. Therefore, whenever a cyberattack happened at the platform, you can feel less worried.

We will share the TikTok Safety Tips as it is published on!

Change Password Regularly

Even if it feels such a hassle, but you need to change the TikTok password regularly. Changing your password on a frequent basis can help to protect your TikTok account from unauthorized access.

Updating old passwords with the new passwords is like closing access for data theft. Then, when choosing a new password, make sure to create a strong password by combining a special character with numbers.

Don’t Get Easily Tempted

When using TikTok, it is important to not easily tempted with offers from others. You need to curious when someone wants to give you likes, coins, and other incentives that kind of tempting for TikTok users. You need to be suspicious of the motive as it can lead to login information stealing.

Take a Glimpse on Account 

You can always check account data to find if the information inside it secure or at risk. To do this, check the account data in the “Setting” and “Manage My Account” menu. Take time to verify the data one by one and in detail. Manual data verification can help to prevent data from being leaked.

Actually, the above safety tips can be implemented on other platforms. With the growth of internet users, cyberattacks will also increase. Hence, we should be critical and careful when using a digital platform.


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