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NewsTuesday July 6th, 2021

4 Approved Technology to Boost Your Online…

The COVID19 pandemic has hit hard on businesses and now every entrepreneur must take extra careful steps in choosing the best suitable technology for their business. Dealing with an uncertain situation, it is normal that we want only the best technology that gives us the most minimum risks in every possible situation, isn’t it? The low risk and profit guarantee is the best option to grow your business worry-free.

There are at least four (4) technologies that have proven effective in reinforcing the business, namely e-commerce, cloud, apps, and social media. Now, let us see how leveraging these 4 technologies can optimize your business.

(1) Adaptive Cloud Technology for Current Pandemic Situation

Cloud technology probably is the technology that climbed up fast when the pandemic strikes. Cloud computing is the technology that helps you to store data online. With cloud computing, companies can still run their business, offices, and organizations without having to open their physical offices and having face-to-face interactions with their customers, their colleagues, etc.

For this reason, the cloud is the technology that gains the most demands during the pandemic. With cloud computing, all business data is stored and available to be accessed online, thus work can still be done wherever and whenever you and your staff are.

(2) Open Online Shop on Ecommerce Platform

Statistics show that businesses suffered when the pandemic strikes, however, this isn’t applicable to the e-commerce industry. When other businesses fall down like a leaf, the e-commerce industry rises to the top. As businessmen, you have no other choice but to follow the trend, joining the e-commerce platform.

Building and developing your own website might take too much time and effort, but lucky you because e-commerce platforms are available. There are plenty to choose from, such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Blibli, Lazada, etc.

These e-commerce platforms can give you plenty of benefits such as free administration fees, easy promotional features, a wide range of networks throughout Indonesia, and a huge target audience reach.

Renting an offline store might cost you money, but hey, you can just open an online store with low cost and larger benefits.

(3) Social Media as A Place Where You Can Grow Your Money

Social media now is the platform that takes sides on the entrepreneur too. With the large community of Indonesian social media users, the chance for promoting your business is bigger. Promoting your business on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok is now possible, and the outcome is pleasing.

However, even when you have many options on what platform to use, you still have to be mindful in choosing the best platform to promote your business. Put in mind that you will have to prioritize your identity and your target audience. If the market business is the young generation, then Instagram and TikTok might be the best platform.

(4) Make Use of The Free Apps to Manage Your Business

Nowadays there are plenty of free apps to help improve productivity and thus, reduce resources. These free apps are usually categorized as business management apps and can help to manage business easily so you can reduce the number of crew in your team.

If you run a startup, business management apps are come in handy. It will help you and your small team to run operations smoothly. An example of using apps for business is the Buku Kas Mobile App.

The above technology has been approved to be able to help you grow your business online. All four technologies have a use, but please select carefully the one that best suits your business.

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