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NewsWednesday October 28th, 2020

3 Japanese Startups with Biggest Revenue

It is not a secret that the Japanese are very selective in choosing products or services. Therefore, Japanese companies are very eager to do everything they can to meet market expectations. They often release high-quality products that are very competitive with similar products in the market. Despite how fierce the market competition is, these three startup companies in Japan have managed to win over customers’ hearts.

Their success in winning over the market was followed by high profit. No wonder that they become startups with the biggest revenue in Japan. Who are they? Let’s see their profile below!


1. Paypay App with 25 million New User!

Softbank together with Yahoo Japan was developing a fintech mobile application. The fintech mobile app was built to create easy transactions across all platforms. This app called Paypay and was released in 2018. With Paypay, customers can make transactions in Yahoo Money and credit cards easily, without any fees charged. Besides that, you can make a transaction in Paypay too. 

Two years later, this app makes its success with fantastic revenue. Around 25 million users registered in Paypay since the beginning of 2020. Can you imagine how many yen going into their pocket? 


2. PickGo from CBcloud 

A logistic company CBcloud has proved their ability in reading the market demands. When the world is focusing on online applications for passenger’ vehicles, CBcloud releases the  PickGo app, an app specially designed for package/goods delivery services. It is interesting to note that their partner driver is mostly freelance driver so that they have no limitation time in delivering a package. 

Couriers will send packages using various vehicles such as bikes, motorbikes, taxis, and light transport vehicles. Compare to buying goods from an online shop, the PickGo delivery process is faster with a minimum time spend is 30 minutes! 

PickGo also offers Same-day Delivery services for document delivery and/or building material for all prefectures in Japan! These impeccable services made PickGo become the favorite service in Japan. 


3. Smart Vehicle Project from Tier IV  

Tier IV is a Japanese startup that focuses on the development of smart vehicles. Aside from being smart, Tier IV also very concerned about safety issues. So, you can’t be worried about its safety when riding the Tier IV.


The main key to the success of this company is Autoware. Autoware is an open-source software used by automotive manufacturers. In its journey, Autoware has attracted startups that develop the self-driving vehicle. 

We cannot get the exact amount of their revenues but we still can learn about their success. And one of the keys to success in growing startups is the innovation of products and services. By putting the biggest concern to customers, startups will likely succeed in winning the market. 



  1. Techinasia

Photo by Louie Martinez on Unsplash


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