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NewsWednesday September 2nd, 2020

Teague AirShield can Filter 99.99% Air in…

Traveling by plane during the COVID19 pandemic is now a lot safer and comfortable as an aviation innovation company developing the air filter. This aviation innovation company is based in Seattle, Teague, and is developing an air filter or AirShield for airplanes. The AirShield from Teague will be installed between the reading light and the air hole in the passenger cabin. 

The technology in the air shield adopts a concept where germs are isolated in such a way as to not interfere with passenger activities and comfortability. The air shield has a visible cone shape that will protect you like a mosquito net. 

Advanced HEPA Filter to Filter 99.99% of Air!

For details, this AirShield will be installed at the tip of the cabin air vent nozzle so that passengers will have private air space. With the air shield installed in the cabin air vent nozzle, you don’t have to worry about breathing air contaminated with viruses. 

Then, how does this air shield work in reducing the risk of virus transmission? This air shield is equipped with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter (HEPA filter) which can filter air up to 99.99%. 

When passengers cough or sneezes, the surrounding air is sucked out of the cabin and enters the HEPA. Even when the air around us is contaminated by microbes, the air shield will flow the air to HEPA to clean the air. 

In summary, air contaminated with the virus will be clean just before it has time to get out to the passenger areas. The method is considered to be the most effective way to reduce the spread of COVID-19 from droplets.

Compared to other aircraft health protocols, AirShield is considered the most practical to use. The airlines will certainly be overwhelmed in regulating seating locations to implement physical distancing. 

Besides, passengers also have to eat and drink so that wearing masks is less comfortable. However, AirShield allows passengers to travel comfortably without worrying about being infected with COVID-19.  


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