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NewsTuesday November 10th, 2020

Alibaba Reveal the 5 Most Popular Technologies…

Alibaba Group, through its research agency, Alibaba DAMO Academy, released popular technologies of 2020. These technologies mark the rapid growth of technology.

As quoted from, some of the new generations of IT technology, for example, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data intelligence, and 5G networks,

Alibaba DAMO Academy revealed the most popular technologies in 2020 and 5 of them are below:

1.Cognitive Intelligence

There are many types of artificial intelligence technology that are currently being used in various products and services. Some of the artificial intelligence technologies that we can see now for example text to speech (instant messaging), NLP (Natural Language Processing) in banking chatbots, deepfake video apps, machine learning, etc.

As if it is not enough, the developers began to look at cognitive intelligence which is an advanced version of artificial intelligence. Cognitive intelligence will take benefit from cognitive psychology, brain science, and human social history. All three will be combined with cross-domain techniques so that machines can understand and utilize knowledge, to get the key to perceptual intelligence.

2. IoT

IoT is now gaining a special place in the world of technology. A sophisticated IoT system will benefit manufacturing companies to be able to adopt machine automation, factory logistics, and production schedules to create the C2B smart manufacturing business model (consumer to business smart manufacturing).

IoT will encourage the creation of integrated industrial systems so that they can manage production as a whole from upstream to downstream. This condition will certainly increase productivity which in turn will affect company profits.

3. Blockchain

As quoted from, Blockchain is a digital data storage system containing records that are connected via cryptography. The Blockchain is currently on the rise and is being used in various sectors, but the most obvious example is the use of blockchain in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

In the future, it is predicted that there will be more use of blockchain, especially those that allow physical assets to be placed into assets on the blockchain. Also, innovative multi-dimensional blockchain applications in various industries and ecosystems will increase in the future.

4. In-Memory Computing

Von Neumann architecture separates memory and processor, as well as computing that requires data to keep moving. However, along with the development of AI technology, the hardware becomes an obstacle for the exploration of more advanced algorithms.

For this reason, in computer architecture now, people create Processing-in-Memory (PIM) where memory and processor are integrated, and computation is carried out where data is stored to minimize data movement. This process can significantly improve power efficiency.

5. AI Technology for Privacy Protection

The current era puts data into a valuable asset. Therefore, data protection is important and is regulated in regulations and laws. To protect data as a result of the existence of these laws, there is a cost to be paid and it is often not cheap, it even tends to increase.

For this, AI technology is increasingly in demand to protect data privacy. AI technology is believed to be able to be a solution to data storage problems and the problem of reducing trust in data sharing practices that often occur today.

There are many other types of technology that are predicted to become important technologies in the future. The year 2020, when the COVID19 pandemic has paralyzed the economies of various countries, also marks the rise of technology to revive itself and become a solution for economic recovery.


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