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NewsFriday October 23rd, 2020

5 Best Informatics Engineering Campuses in Indonesia

Do you look for the best informatics engineering campuses in Indonesia? We have summarized the 5 best informatics engineering campuses that are never failed in creating young talents that often reach strategic positions in companies and government with a bright career journey.  

So, if by chance, you are now in the search for the best informatics engineering campuses in Indonesia, please consider these 5 campuses. They are accredited and scored A from the BAN-PT (National Accreditation Board for Higher Education)!

Does your dream campus is on this list? Let’s check it out!

5. Hasanuddin University (Accredited A)


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If you look for the best IT campuses outside of Java island, you can never miss Universitas Hasanuddin in Makassar! In 2019, the competition rate in IT UNHAS is the second highest in Indonesia.

It means that many people are in competition to win a seat on the IT campus of UNHAS. Are you ready for the tightest competition to win over the slot on the IT campus of UNHAS? If you are outside the Java region, this campus can be an alternative choice for every high school graduate who wants to take a major in IT without the need to fly and residence in Java. 


4. Yogyakarta State University (Accredited A)


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Department of Informatics Engineering Education of the Yogyakarta State University can be your choice for those who want to be an IT teacher. It is in line with their mission, which is to create IT teachers to fill in various positions in various institutions. IT teachers will help Indonesia in creating more and more young IT talents. 

Besides a career as a teacher, graduates can also pursue a career as chief of computing laboratory, lecturer in university or polytechnic, or becomes an entrepreneur. Taking a major in Informatics Engineering Education will give you so many job options compare to the non-education major. You can go-to a career path as a teacher, visual designer, programmer, system analyst, or network administrator! 


3. Padjadjaran University (Accredited A)


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If you dream to pursue a degree in informatics engineering at Padjajaran University, make sure to sign up in prime condition. Informatics engineering is the most favorite major in Unpad with a level of tightness is  3,61% in SBMPTN 2019. At that time, there are 1,328 people signed up for this major. However, can you imagine how many seats available? 41 seats only! 

As one of the most favorite majors in Unpad, the information technology from the Faculty of Mathematics and Science also creates impeccable young talents. They even won second place in National Student Competition for competition in Business, Management, and Finance of 2020. 

Marcell Antonius Dermawan has won the competition in making business plans with SDGs aspects by creating a digital app for the distribution of Sumba Woven fabrics. Do you wish yourself to be like Marcell? You can try by taking a degree in informatics engineering od Unpad. 

2. Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (Accredited A)  


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In Bandung, we know ITB, but in Surabaya, we have the best IT campus, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). According to BAN-PT, ITS has accredited and scored A. Besides that, ITS is in the fourth rank after ITB in University Ranking (UniRank) 2020. To be able to get into this campus is a pride.

Especially when you get into their IT department. Why the IT department at ITS is so special? Well, their IT department is the most favorite department in ITS! The competition to get into this department is extremely tight with a quota of 90 students only.

This tight competition only allows the best talent to get into the IT department. One of their brightest alumnae is R. Aditya Brahmana who currently works as Operation & Marketing Manager at Go-Jek and has won first place as Mawapres (Outstanding Student) of 2015. 


1. Institut Teknologi Bandung (Accredited: Excellent) 


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Nobody will refuse if they had the chance to get into the tightest level of competition and as prestigious as ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung)? ITB is one of the best campuses with the best Informatics Engineering Departments in Indonesia. Their informatics engineering is the first to be accredited as excellent.

A little story, BAN-PT will no longer use A, B, C as scoring in accreditation. They will replace it with Excellent, Very Good, Good, and Not Accredited based on the latest regulation, the Regulation of IAPS 4.0 and IAPT 3.0. 

As an IT department that accredited as excellent, the Informatics Engineering of ITB has excellent portfolios too. They have created alumnae with tons of achievements, called it Achmad Zaky the founder and ex CEO of Bukalapak. He was a graduate of Informatics Engineering of ITB in 2004. 

Besides that, ITB alumnae were always the unicorn company’s favorite. Based on CNBC Indonesia 2019 Research Team, ITB is the second campus where its graduates are favorited by most unicorn startups. So, if you are now a student at ITB, you will have a bigger chance of pursuing a better career path. 

There they are, the 5 best informatics engineering campuses in Indonesia. If you want to pursue a career in IT, don’t hesitate to try to sign up for these 5 campuses.



Photo by Hack Capital on Unsplash

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