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NewsMonday March 1st, 2021

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices are Now Priority…

The Indonesian government is eager to encourage the industrial sector in the country to adopt technology 4.0. Most recently, the Indonesian government put the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry in priority in the implementation of Technology 4.0.

This is proven by the inauguration of five officials for echelons 1 and echelon 2 as well as the Director of the Downstream Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Muhammad Taufik, by the Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita. The Minister of Industry revealed that as many as 35 downstream chemical and pharmaceutical companies will be prioritized to get the 4.0 technology to increase the performance.

The reason the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry was included in the priority application of technology 4.0 is none other than because of its rapid growth during the COVID19 pandemic. The government then realized that the state must be independent and strong in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector.

It is Formerly Outside the Prioritized List

Formerly, the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry was not included in the five priority sectors for implementing technology 4.0. The five sectors previously prioritized by the government for the application of technology 4.0 include the food and beverage industry, the automotive industry, the basic chemical industry, the textile and textile products industry, and the electronics industry.

However, the pandemic has taught the Indonesian government many things, includes the importance of independence and strength in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry. As we all know, the pandemic hits Indonesia badly. The health sector is the most influential sector during a pandemic. Medicines including vitamins are scarce because they were bought up at the beginning of the pandemic.

In addition, supporting drugs to deal with complications caused by the COVID19 virus are also scarce. President Jokowi then has to import these supporting drugs from other countries.

This condition indicates Indonesia is unprepared and not independent in facing the pandemic. Therefore, put the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices industry in the priority of technology 4.0 is the right step. Technology can increase production and service and can be applied in various industrial sectors, including pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

The performance of the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Textile Industry (IKFT) wrote that in the 2020-2024 RPJMN, the number of IKFT sector companies with more than 3 INDI values ​​is targeted to reach 11 companies by 2020. Then, in 2024, it is expected the number to increase to 21 companies.

For additional information, in INDI 4.0, scores 1 – 2 indicate the initial readiness of implementing industry 4.0, scores 2 – 3 indicate moderate readiness, and a score of 4 is given to companies that are considered ready to implement industry 4.0.

The Director of IKFT of the Ministry of Industry, Muhammad Khayam, said he was optimistic that the IKFT sector would be able to accelerate towards industry 4.0. The Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Industry has added to the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap thanks to its brilliant performance amid the onslaught of the COVID19 pandemic. This sector receives a high demand, especially for products that are useful for preventing the transmission of the coronavirus.

In addition, the IKFT also provides a high contribution to the national economy. From the export side, the value of IKFT product shipments reached the US $ 14.59 billion during the second quarter of 2020.

An then, the investment realization value of the IKFT sector reached 32.39 trillion in the second quarter of 2020, consisting of foreign investment (PMA) of IDR 20. 06 trillion and domestic investment (PMDN) of around Rp. 12.33 trillion.

This investment value has a good impact on the national economy, such as the absorption of the workforce in the IKFT sector which reached 6.96 million people. 


Image by SilvanaGodoy from Pixabay

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