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NewsThursday November 5th, 2020

Career Opportunities for Software Developer

Software Developer is a job that currently getting more and more attention, especially now when digitization is globally increasing. Companies are flocking starting their digital transformation, and therefore, software developer jobs are on the rise. It is no doubt that people may be dreaming about becoming a software developer as it has a bright career. However, how good is the career opportunities for a software developer? 

We can say that the career opportunities for a software developer are big right now and in the next few years. The Indonesian government itself has stated that Indonesia needs 19 million IT talents for 15 years ahead. Therefore, IT talents who are capable of software development will definitely be needed.


The Definition of Software Developer

However, before we take further steps in understanding the career opportunities for this job, we must know what is a software developer. A software developer is someone who develops software by using technology. A software developer will perform market analysis, plan design, and develop software based on market demands. 

Seeing its vital duties, we can say that this job will be high on demand in the current time and future. When the community now are shifting from offline to online, the need for software to meet all demands is also increasing. A software developer is existed to create software that will be useful in growing the dynamic market.  

The software developer will fill in positions in the global digital startups. If you are a software developer, you can also build your own startup company. Thus, they have unlimited career opportunities. 

You can develop software in various fields and sectors. Several sectors are available for software development, for example, health, entertainment, retail, and many more. Seeing the big career opportunities for a software developer, are you not interested in this job?



Photo by Arif Riyanto on Unsplash



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