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NewsMonday December 21st, 2020

5 Software Development Predicted to Gain Popularity…

The turn of the year is the right moment to upgrade the company’s software with more sophisticated technology and according to market conditions. By following the software development trend that is predicted to be popular in 2021, companies may have other options to expand their business network. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic is an era of digital warfare, only those who excel in technology can win the market. Agree?

Is your company ready to make a breakthrough in the coming year? If so, we recommend 5 software developments that Forbes predicts will be popular in 2021 and might be suitable for adoption into the business. For more info, let’s check out the following list.


(5) Progressive Web Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic is a moment of digital warfare in 2021 and the years after. To win over the market, businesses are advised to implement progressive web apps. More than half of the world’s users switch to mobile. Therefore, tools are needed to make it easier for mobile users to access the website from various devices.

Progressive web apps are here to answer this need. Progressive web apps are tools that allow web views to match the screen size of the user’s device. As an easy illustration, Twitter’s desktop display will be different from how it looks on a smartphone screen. These progressive web apps allow displays to adjust automatically without having to develop display settings for each device.


(4) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This year, AI is the main topic everywhere and will be more and more popular next year. AI can be implemented in many fields, such as entertainment, e-commerce, education, to health. Going forward, AI will continue to be developed in these fields.

Why has AI been so popular? The answer is because AI enables businesses to improve the customer experience at an affordable cost and is proven to be effective!


(3) Big Data

Even though cybersecurity is still a complicated problem that must be faced, big data development software is predicted to remain popular in 2021. In the future, there will be more tools that carry out the analysis process directly in memory so that it requires large storage.

Previously, the calculation process was carried out individually before being collected in storage. However, this trend will change next year and everything will be processed together in storage.

This is followed by the increasing number of business sectors that depend on big data, such as manufacturing, media, and health. That said, big data is increasingly needed in health research, especially to seek treatment for certain diseases.


(2) Internet of Things

Slowly but surely, Indonesian companies are starting to look at the internet of things (IoT) as an option to improve their business performance. If you are already adopting IoT, it means that you are on the right path. IoT is a software development that is predicted to be popular in 2021.

What’s more, IoT can be implemented across fields, such as manufacturing, smart wearables, fitness to healthcare. With IoT, we can improve the quality of life. Even so, IoT adoption must face challenges. The challenge is to produce human resources who really master this technology.


(1) Native Apps Development

If you want to win the market by 2021, the key is to improve the quality of the user experience (UX). By enhancing the UX, your products can be accessed by users in an easy, fast and practical way. So, how do you improve the UX quality?

You can rely on native apps development for media and fintech. Native apps development is believed to be able to improve UX performance to be flawless, especially on mobile devices. With native apps development, business websites are more reliable, secure, and have the maximum performance on mobile.

There you have it, 5 software developments that are predicted to be popular in 2021. By knowing these software development trends, you can prepare in advance for various innovations for your business. Good luck and a happy new year!


Photo by Arnold Francisca on Unsplash

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