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NewsFriday August 21st, 2020

7 Digital Startups are Ready to Support…

Indonesian government gives serious attention to the digital transformation plan by placing digitization targets in Food SMEs. The government following up FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) statement that predicts Indonesia will face a food crisis in the future. Ninety-nine (99) percent of total Indonesian businesses are dominated by SMEs.

However, from the 10 million SMEs in Indonesia, it is estimated that only a few of them focus on the food sector. For this reason, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of The Republic of Indonesia invites seven digital entrepreneurs in startup to improve SMEs’ productivity.

The seven digital startups invited are known to be experts in the food sector. At a meeting, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of The Republic of Indonesia together with the startups CEO’s will discuss the socialization and training program for SMEs.

The program covering SMEs’ digitization, human resources training, payment technology, and digital marketing. Later, SMEs will get financial funding and training support from partner SMEs. this program is projected to right on the target as the Indonesian SMEs now facing financial crises to access the capital.

7 Digital Startups to be Digital Transformation Partner for SMEs in Indonesia

Are you wondering which digital startups to be involved in this partnership? Well, these seven digital startups, some of them we might already familiar with, such as Ekosis, Sayur Box, Tanihub, hara, Alami, Aruna, and Modal Rakyat. By establishing cooperative partnerships with these startups, the government hopes that food SMEs can be connected to the digital world. Connecting the food SMEs with digital startups will accelerate the national SMEs’ product supply.

SMEs focusing on agriculture, fishery, and plantation can market their products easily. Even when their production is on a small scale, but it can be sure that they can enter the business market. In this way, the SMEs’ well-being will improve and Indonesia can achieve strong food security.

In short, the government will take part in the system support. However, the business process is a hundred percent comes from the SMEs. It is expected that they can collaborate with other SMEs in utilizing digital technology, both application, and digital market.

The representatives of the seven digital startups, Astri Purnama Sari from Tanihub app are ready to assist and connecting the agricultural SMEs with the market. Astri hopes that Indonesia can be the host in their homeland. Switching from the conventional method to the digital can accelerate the process.



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