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NewsWednesday August 12th, 2020

CINTA, BNI Chatbot Banking with AI

Did you know that two years ago, BNI released a chatbot banking called CINTA? At that time, the BNI chat banking service CINTA is a breakthrough in the banking world as it is adopting artificial intelligence technology to serve the banking needs of the digital generation.

The smart banking chatbot is called as CINTA and is a commitment from BNI to continue to digitize their banking services. CINTA stands for Chat with your Intelligent Advisor. The chatbot banking CINTA is smart because it has Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

CINTA has been around since 2018

Amid a pandemic, the president voiced the acceleration of digital transformation. What we should know is, digital transformation in Indonesia began several years ago. Including CINTA, it appears to be around us since 2018.

At that time, the soft launching of CINTA held at the yap! Experience Booth, in Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival 2018, on March 4, 2018. The launch was quite significant as it was attended by the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara, BNI Commissioner Joni Swastanto, and BNI Information Technology SEVP Dadang Setiabudi, and GM E-banking Division BNI Anang Fauzie.

How smart is the AI in CINTA?

As mentioned above, CINTA adopted AI (Artificial Intelligence). With AI, CINTA can study and analyze the users’ behavior to understand their desires.

CINTA then uses the data collected to offer suitable products, transactions, and promotional programs according to the user needs. 

Apart from AI, CINTA also adopts Natural Language Processing (NLP). This technology allows CINTA, who merely a robot, to be able to communicate in a casual language.

CINTA is available in the most popular chat application

Human life in recent years is familiar with chat applications, such as WhatsApp, LINE Messenger, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc.

Therefore, we should appreciate the move to create a chatbot banking with AI and is available at most of the chat apps that we already familiar with. Currently, CINTA is available in some of the most popular chat applications in Indonesia, such as the LINE Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter. To enjoy the services of CINTA, users only need to add CINTA as a friend in the chat application.

What can CINTA do?

As a banking chatbot that adopts AI technology, CINTA must also be smart. Currently, CINTA can provide information about BNI products, BNI promotional programs, and ATM locations. 

Even though the features are still basic, in the future, CINTA will further be developed to serve several advanced services such as opening bank accounts, purchases/payments, access to capital services for MSMEs, insurance services, etc.

When banking is fun just like chatting with friends

A smart banking chatbot like CINTA created for the needs of today’s digital generation. Especially in the industrial era 4.0, President Jokowi asked banks to adjust immediately.

A chatbot banking in a popular chat application allows users to access financial services in a more fun way. Users can chat with CINTA like a friend. The chatbot accepted by the younger generation who demand ease and speed in making transactions and seeking information.

So, have you understood that digital transformation is increasingly penetrating our lives? If we don’t adjust ourselves, we might fall behind very far.

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