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BlogTuesday June 2nd, 2020

Connecting Slack with Kintone

Two types of applications that are possible to be integrated with each other are more attractive than the ones that can’t. An app that is less flexible in its operation will hard to get users. To this needs, do you know that Kintone apps and slack apps can be integrated with each other?

Kintone apps and slack apps when connected with each other are more powerful. Therefore, if you have subscribed to Kintone apps and slack apps, you shall now try to connect both apps to enjoy the full features.

Below, we will share the step by step to connect Kintone apps with slack apps as guided in  Cybozu.

1. Email Configuration: One e-mail address for both Kintone and Slack

Before connecting Slack with Kintone, you have to set an e-mail configuration. For both Slack and Kintone, you have to use the same e-mail address. The next step can be done only if you have done this step correctly. 

Also, make sure you have access to user and system admin to access these features.

2. Setting user & system administration

On Kintone apps, click “settings” and find the “Users & System Administration” menu. In this menu, select the username and e-mail that will be used. Fill the data in the e-mail column field and click “Save”

After setting the e-mail, now you can perform integration Slack in Kintone. 

  1. Click “Settings” and select “Users and System Administration”. Scroll down below and click “Integrations” and select “enabled” Slack.
  2. Next, you can integrate your task in Kintone with Slack. First, select a task in Kintone that you want to be integrated with Slack. Click “Task Management” on help to start integration with Slack. 
  3. Click “Settings” in Task Management (find it at the top right corner). Finally, select App Settings and Slack Integration. Then, “Add to Slack”
  4. Check again the Slack Workspace to be integrated with Kintone, if it is OK, click “Authorize”.

And then, go to your Kintone to check if Slack Workspace has been integrated. Also, go to the Slack app to check if Kintone has been added. Finally, click “Back to App Settings” and lastly click Update App. 

Finally, your Kintone apps have been connected to Slack! Now you can send direct message Slack for the task in Kintone easily.

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