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NewsWednesday July 7th, 2021

Renewing Driver License Online via Mobile App

Renewing driver license is now easily available online with a mobile application feature called Sinar, which stands for SIM Nasional Presisi. To enjoy this feature, make sure to download the Digital Korlantas Polri app which is available for free on PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (iOS).

Once you have the Digital Korlantas Polri app installed on your phone, you will enjoy the Sinar feature (Layanan SIM Nasional Presisi) intended to renew the driver’s license online. This new feature is expected to help reduce the massive crowd from people gathering which is at risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The Sinar feature will help people renew their SIM A (car license) and SIM C (motorbike license) without visiting Satpas. Renewing a driver’s license can now be done from home or anywhere outside Satpas.

Follow the instructions below to renew your driver’s license online via the mobile application:

  1. Download and install the Digital Korlantas Polri application on the PlayStore, unfortunately, it is only the Android version that available.
  2. Open the application, then verify your mobile number
  3. Register by entering the requested data such as NIK, SIM, photo ID card, and selfie photo holding the SIM)
  4. Select the type of SIM you want to extend (A and C)
  5. Choose the location of Satpas
  6. Verify the results of health and psychological examinations
  7. Fill in the bank account for a refund (in case of cancellation)
  8. Choose a shipping method
  9. Upload a photo and signature
  10. Make PNBP payments and sign
  11. Print SIM
  12. Delivery, wait until your SIM is received

The app receives several payment methods such as transfer on ATM, MBanking, and Internet Banking.

Create High-Quality Mobile App

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