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NewsFriday December 4th, 2020

ShopeePay is the Most Popular E-wallet Brand…

A digital wallet or e-wallet is a favorable payment method during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an e-wallet, people can make a transaction easier, faster, convenient, and absolutely contactless. There are a lot of e-wallet brands available to download and use in Indonesia. Despite the long list of e-wallet brands that exist, ShopeePay racks up the first place as the most popular digital wallet brands in Indonesia on Ipsos’s e-wallet trends 2020 survey. 

Ipsos is a market research company, they collected data online from a thousand respondents. They set some criteria to choose the respondent, for example, adults 18 years old and above with an e-wallet account. The respondents must also obtain transaction history on e-commerce in the past two years. 

The purpose of this survey is to find out e-wallet brands with higher usage and penetration in the past three months, higher market share transaction score, the level of customer experience, and the number of loyal customers. ShopeePay made history by winning first place in all categories.

ShopeePay Achievement of Each Category

According to Ipsos (as stated in,  the most popular e-wallet in Indonesia is ShopeePay (34%), OVO (28%), Dana (14%), and LinkAja (7%). In terms of market share score transactions, ShopeePay hit 32% and OVO 25%. 

How about the penetration in the past three months? For this, ShoppePay leads in first place with 48% and followed by OVO in second place with 28%. For the loyal customer category, ShoppePay won first place with 28%, they outperform OVO with 1% higher where OVO is 27%. 

ShopeePay also won the customer experience category by 88%. The variable of the measurement is the level of usage, top-up method, promotion, real-time, and the amount of online and offline merchants. 

Success in fulfilling these criteria means that they can fulfill their customer needs. ShopeePay won the market by fulfilling all of the criteria. So, how about you? What is an e-wallet brand that you can’t live without during the COVID-19 outbreak?


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