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NewsFriday February 5th, 2021

7 Tips for Learning SEO Easily and…

Aside from taking SEO courses or using SEO services from other parties, you can self-learn the SEO. Self-learn SEO will save you money, increase skill, as well as improving website quality. These benefits must assure you to begin self-learning the SEO. To help you self-learn SEO, we’ve collected the 7 tips for learning SEO easily and quickly. 


(1) Find Main Keyword and Secondary Keyword    

No matter how good is the content, a website is impossible to reach the top of Google Search if it is not containing popular keywords. Therefore, make sure to find out how to create high-quality content and effective content first. Before creating content, research the keyword target. Use various SEO tools that available to find the right target of a keyword.

There are two types of keywords you need to look at, the main keyword and the secondary keyword. The main keyword represents the brand and it has to be on the landing page. Meanwhile, the secondary keyword must focus on a detailed website, and usually, it placed on the article. After determining the main keyword and the secondary keyword, it will be easy for you to create high-quality content.


(2) Know The Tips to Create High-Quality Content 

What are the things to consider content as good quality content? Content is included in good quality content if it contains keywords, the length of articles is sufficient (not too long, not too short), and it has to be authentic. Fulfilling these criteria will help Google to crawl on the article and/or website.

These three factors must serve in balance. Long articles with good keywords target, may not be good enough for Goole if the content is indicated with plagiarism. Therefore, when writing an article, make sure to follow these three rules.


(3) Keyword in Title and Meta Description 

The basic trick in SEO you need to know probably the urgency to put keywords in the title and meta description. These two will play a key role in determining your content to be worthy to be ranked or not.

Besides, the title and meta description that appears in a search engine will be read by the users. Therefore, title and meta description will determine the user’s willingness in clicking your content or not. Make sure to create a short and attractive meta description, put a keyword in it, and containing main information from your article.


(4) Collect Backlink from Other Sites

if you want the SEO to be good, create good quality content and/or article that other sites refer to your content. Thus, Google will believe that your site is reliable and credible enough. This is called a backlink. It is when other sites put your link in their content. The more backlinks, the better the SEO.

Then, how if you manage a relatively new website and has no backlink yet? Well, try to partner with other sites and offer writing for them. However, it is not 100% freewriting as you can ask them to put your link on the article. Or, create a side website or blog, write content on the blog and put a backlink to your main website.


(5) The Shorter The URL, The Better! 

A common mistake that novice writers make is creating articles with long URLs. In fact, one of the secret keys to increasing content rankings is tweaking the URL of the article. There are three important points that you must uphold when making-over the article URL.

The shorter the URL, the better the results. Make sure the URL is no longer than 60 characters. Also, make sure that the URL contains keywords, is easy to understand and is able to represent the entire article. It seems simple, however, making a good URL is not easy.


(6) Aim at Featured Snippets 

Do you want to get lots of organic traffic from Google? You can aim at Featured Snippets. Please see an example of Google Featured Snippets below. 

Tips Belajar SEO Mandiri

If your article makes it to Featured Snippets on Google search, more people will be able to access your article. However, to occupy this position, you must create quality articles and contain popular keywords. One of the tricks revealed by Semrush is that content containing questions has a greater potential to appear in Featured Snippets. 


(7) Reduce Bounce Rate by Increasing Load Speed

If the website bounce rate is high, check the load speed. The loading speed can be checked using free SEO checkers that available online.

If the loading speed is low, you can fix this by removing content or media that possibly slower the loading speed. A website with a faster loading speed provides comfort for users in browsing.



Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay


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