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NewsTuesday August 25th, 2020

How Kintone Secure Their Data?

Kintone, as a cloud-based application platform, should prioritize security issues. Kintone stores and process data in the cloud/server, where someone can access information if they have access to an account/dashboard with a username and password.

Cloud-based apps like Kintone have many advantages, especially in terms of flexibility since they can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with a mobile device or desktop PC. Apart from being a convenience for users, this flexibility can also be a vulnerability, therefore security is essential for Kintone users.

However, Kintone has implemented high standard security. Multiplied security levels are planted in the system to secure important data stored in it.

At Kintone, several precautionary steps for data security are applied, such as: 

Login page

The login page is a preventive measure against unauthorized access (Countermeasures against unauthorized access). The login page used to limit unauthorized access from unauthorized people. Only a person with login credentials can access the dashboard.

Login page settings

You can set login page settings to prevent unauthorized logins (Countermeasures against unauthorized login). If there are parties who know the login page, you can change the settings so that no other party logs in without authorization.

The system built with attention to the vulnerability

Kinton built the system by implementing preventive measures against vulnerable measures (measures against vulnerability). Kintone creates systems to prevent attacks that targeting flaws in security, for example, computer and operating system (OS) vulnerabilities.

Apart from providing a layer of security, Kintone also ensures a good system environment by paying attention to the following important points:

  1. Protection of client data is the main thing, therefore Kintone has designed several layers of security to prevent client data from being erased.
  2. Kintone ensures that services continue to run despite special obstacles such as disasters and power cuts.
  3. Kintone develops a system environment that can automatically perform repairs (recovery) as soon as possible if hardware error.
  4. Kintone using a system that specifically designed to minimize human error.

Security Guarantee with Multiple Verification Process

In addition to the login screen, we also enhance security with a multi-layer verification process such as:

  1. Basic authentication
  2. Unique subdomain 
  3. IP address restrictions
  4. Client Certificates 

Then, data security at Kintone is also guaranteed by the following security criteria:

  1. Setting passwords according to certain settings
  2. Account lock function
  3. Limits the automatic login
  4. Audit logs for certain level staff

Furthermore, to protect data and information from being leaked, there are two security options, such as:

  1. Protection from clickjacking, which is a crime by making victims accidentally click on certain links.
  2. Login screen image setting. The login screen is set up using a special image/photo to avoid potential crimes phishing through fake sites.

Data security at Kintone is guaranteed by Cybozu, it is important to know that Cybozu has certification ISO 27001 for information security systems. Cybozu ensures its products have passed a series of verification tests by the QA team before being released to consumers. 

Kintone also works with an external team for the product audit process and hires experts to find weaknesses to be fixed before being launched to the market.

Cybozu also collects information about the operating system (OS) and software vulnerabilities from other companies, then formulates the necessary steps for handling it.

There are so many security measures implemented at Kintone to protect the data in it. In fact, what we mentioned above is not all! A complex system with multiple layers of security to provide services with high productivity and flexibility like Kintone is our main asset.

Want to know more about Kintone? Contact us at [email protected] or visit our official website

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