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NewsThursday October 1st, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Battery can last…

If you’ve been dreaming of a fitness tracker with long battery life, this is the right time to buy the Galaxy Fit 2. This upgraded version of the fitness tracker from the Galaxy Fit has a battery that is far longer than its predecessor. Yep, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 battery lasts for up to three weeks.

With once charge to full, the battery on Galaxy Fit 2 can last for 15 days to 3 weeks long. The battery life indeed depends on the usage. The improvement in battery life is a plus for Galaxy Fit 2 for joining the fitness tracker competition.

How Much is the Galaxy Fit 2  Worth?

As a comparison, most fitness trackers battery can last for less than a week. But, the Galaxy Fit 2 battery is still better than the Fitbit Inspire 2 that can last for up to ten days. Is it much more attractive now, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, we have no information about when this Galaxy Fit 2 will be released to the market. If you are interested in buying this, you should remember that this is not a smartwatch. The Galaxy Fit 2 is a fitness tracker used to measure calories, heart rate, sleeping patterns, distance, and so on.

Compare to the Galaxy Fit, this newer version has a wider screen. If you are a crazy sports addict, the Galaxy Fit 2 is a solution to monitor your activity and your healthiness.


Image cover: Samsung

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