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NewsMonday February 8th, 2021

6 Jobs Robots Can Not Replace

We briefly reviewed about 10 Jobs That Robots Will Replace in the future. To make it fairer, we will also review the jobs that robots cannot replace. Perhaps, you are interested in trying out these jobs later?

Let’s take a look at 6 jobs that robots cannot replace.

1. Writer

Fresh ideas are needed every day to become a writer. These ideas come from the mind and are influenced by feelings, experiences, imaginations, and readings. A writer processes all these things and reproduces them into a new idea, and translates them into work such as blogs, books, scripts, and films.

Robots may be programmed to be able to write based on title and guidelines, but the originality of work will doubtless be as great as that of a human.

2. Editor

The task of the editor is now much lighter with the help of proofreading software that will automatically detect grammatical errors and punctuation marks. Proofreading software with AI technology is even able to detect the clarity, accuracy, completeness, and originality of the material written.

However, the role of the editor still cannot be completely replaced by a robot. Editors can refine the way of speaking that even the smartest robot could not.

3. Graphic designer

 A graphic designer is a job that requires a high level of creativity. The work of graphic designers is the result of human thoughts which are also influenced by thoughts and feelings. A graphic designer must even have artistic talent combined with technical skills such as familiarity with design software to create works.

Thus, it is difficult to replace the role of a graphic designer with a robot. An AI robot may be programmed to produce a design, but the originality and character of the design will not be as good as a human graphic designer.

4. Teachers

Even though they say learning can be from anywhere, including YouTube and learning videos, a student still needs a teacher. The role of a teacher cannot just be replaced by a robot. The teacher has a role to teach, guide, and educate students so that empathy and patience are needed so that students can understand the lesson well.

5. Doctors

AI has often been used in the medical world and its uses are varied. However, AI and robots cannot completely replace the role of a doctor. Doctors are able to recognize human emotions to apply a more appropriate treatment. 

6. Software Developers

Software developers spend a lot of time learning technical things, improving skills, and enriching experiences. All this hard work is done so that they can create applications, software, and websites that are always changing and adapting to the needs. 

Are you interested in becoming a software developer? If you are interested, it is better to start studying now because great career opportunities and opportunities await you. Especially with Indonesia’s big plan, the industrial revolution 4.0, career as a software developer is promising. You can join our IT team and learn many things. Visit careers at AsiaQuest Indonesia to find out open positions available.


Photo by Photos Hobby on Unsplash

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