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NewsThursday December 3rd, 2020

UVD Robots Offer The World’s Most Sophisticated…

COVID19 pandemic is not always bringing bad luck, some other people racked up profit during these hard times. One of them is the disinfection robot manufacturer in Denmark, the UVD robots. During the COVID19 pandemic, UVD disinfection robots received tons of orders from industrial businessmen all over the world. UVD robot distributors in more than 60 countries recorded a significant increase in demand.

The robot is demanded by businessmen for a reason, it is the claim that this UVD disinfection robot is the best disinfection robot in the world with its ergonomic shapes. The UVD robots can maneuver freely both in a large area or in a small-narrowed area such as the hotel bathroom.

UVD robots are designed to be highly mobile to be able to use in every type of environment. It is no wonder that the robot is used in various business sectors, such as malls, hotels, hospitals, cruise ships, airports, offices, and many other environments. 


The Main Feature of UVD Disinfection Robots

This third-generation of the autonomous mobile robot is planted with cool features to make it easy to use. It is sophisticated, yet can be operated easily, even for ordinary people. It can be installed in minutes to immediately use to disinfect rooms.

The UVD robot uses UV-C light to kill viruses and bacteria both on the surface and in the air. With a high-security system, the robot will be turned off automatically when it detects a human nearby.

Therefore, the robot will bring no harm to humans unintentionally. The robot will show how well the disinfection is.

For details, check the press release. 

Source: antarane

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay




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