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NewsFriday October 2nd, 2020

The Digital Businesses that Predicted to Survived…

Indonesia’s economic growth in the second quarter closed with minus 5.3 percent. This condition shows how bad the pandemic impacted the business conditions in Indonesia. The economic paralysis due to COVID19 is seen in almost every country in the world, including Indonesia.

To not fall into the brink of recession, Indonesia put their biggest hope in the third quarter. Therefore, the president and his staff now are working hard formulating programs to stimulate the economy. Several financial aid programs have also been distributed to the community to move the businesses.

However, amidst the economic paralysis in Indonesia, it turns out that several businesses are predicted to continue to exist despite the recession. 


According to, startups are considered to be able to exist even when the recession hits. Some world-class startups that thrive during the recession include 3M, Adobe Systems, Apple, CNN, Chevron, Disney, Electronic Arts, Exxon Mobil, FedEx, General Electric, Microsoft, and Pizza Hut.

Startups are considered to be able to meet the needs of people who are affected by the recession. People will likely look for pocket-friendly product alternatives and it is usually a startup’s specialty.

Design and Computer systems

The year 2009 was said to be the worst recession year in history as many industries went out of business. However, at that time the design industry and computer systems were not affected by the recession.

At that time, consumer demand remained high. This time, this sector is predicted to remain high because the public’s demand for computers and internet networks is increasing.


The digital business cannot be separated from the role of freelancers. Most likely, during a recession, freelancing will be in high demand because many are looking for fast service, short contracts, and lower prices.

The criteria mentioned above can be found in the freelancer.

Online tutors

During the pandemic, face-to-face schools were closed and replaced by online learning. It is undeniable that learning online alone without face to face communication with the teacher cannot be easily accepted by everyone.

As a result, not a few feel the need for an additional online tutor who can teach subjects like a private tutor. Therefore, it seems that the online tutoring business is a good idea. Apart from being affordable since transportation costs are zero, online tutoring is also safe because it can reduce the risk of spreading the COVID19 virus.

Food Delivery

During the pandemic, people are afraid to go out, even just to have lunch or dinner. Therefore, food delivery services tend to increase in demand.

Selling food based on applications such as gofood, grabfood, kulina, etc. will survive during the pandemic because people are afraid to leave the house. As long as the price is affordable, food is good and hygiene, people will buy it.

Apart from selling app-based food, being a courier can also increase your income during difficult times. 

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