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NewsMonday June 29th, 2020

No Need Fingerprint, Track Remote Work Attendance…

During the pandemic caused by the COVID19, most offices around the world adopted a work from home system or commonly called Work From Home (WFH). This condition inevitably helps change some of the habits that generally exist in conventional work systems.

One of the habits that have changed is attendance matters. Before work from home, employees usually come to the office and use a fingerprint attendance device to track attendance and work hours

But the COVID19 pandemic further enlarged the need for an online attendance tracker app that could minimize the use of public devices such as manual fingerprint attendance machine. Online attendance tracker app through personal devices (laptops and smartphones) has become a necessity at this time.

The good news, there is an online attendance tracker application that can monitor the number of hours worked by employees.

Track Remote Work Attendance With Kintone

Remote Work Attendance tracker from Kintone can be easily made even though you don’t have any programming skills. Those who don’t have an IT background can create app such as Kintone remote work attendance easily and quickly. Less than 3 minutes the application immediately active and can be used.

Why is that?

Kintone is a cloud-based application platform. Cloud service itself is an online-based service where data is processed on servers owned by cloud service providers. So the cloud-based application platform more or less means a place (platform) with a collection of various applications that are processed in the cloud (online).

In the Kintone platform, there are more than 50 applications that are useful to support your business activities, such as daily reports, financial management, project management, online presence, and many others. Still not enough? Relax, in addition to 50 application templates that are available and ready to use, you can also customize the application to suit your business needs!

In addition to the ready-to-use application template, you can also create your own application that suits your company’s needs. Create an application by quickly drag and drop where everyone is familiar with this type of visual application builder.

Kintone visual application builder

Remote Work Attendance Tracker from Kintone

The Remote Work Attendance tracker from Kintone is just one example of an application. When you have subscribed to Kintone, you can create dozens of useful applications to support your business. So does, the Remote Work Attendance tracker, you can make yourself very easily and adjusted to the needs of the company.

Creates Remote Work Attendance tracker In less than 3 minutes!

Interestingly, to make an online presence application on Kintone just drag and drop it! In less than 3 minutes the application can be active and directly used. No need to have programming skills to create applications with high productivity like this!

Drag and drop to create apps!

Suitable for Small, Medium Business, or large corporations!

As a cloud-based application platform, the Remote Work Attendance tracker from Kintone is suitable for use by small, medium, and large scale businesses. Even an MSME entrepreneur can use the services from Kintone for managing company administrative matters.

Kintone provides services at very affordable prices. Subscribing to Kintone makes management of company administration easier, cheaper, and definitely cost-effective. HR work will be easier and can be done with just one Kintone account.

Benefits of Kintone Online Presence:

  1. Facilitate HR work in managing employee attendance
  2. Facilitate employees to attend presence (from home or from outside)
  3. Making applications can be done on your own according to company requirements
  4. Does not require programming skills
  5. Can be accessed anywhere, from a web browser or smartphone
  6. Easy, fast, and cheap 
  7. Effective and efficient
  8. Easy and fast account registration.
  9. Support services from Kintone 24/7

Try 30 days for free!

If you are interested in Kintone services, our team is ready to assist you in the initial setup. Not sure about our services? Try it for 30 days FREE without any fees!

Contact Us to try our trial services for 30 days for FREE!

Remote Work Attendance tracker
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