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NewsTuesday October 13th, 2020

4 Best Free Mobile App for Learning…

Do you know that you can put good use of smartphones as a tool to help you achieve success? Especially for everyone who wishes to become a programmer with a great career in the future. Apart from streaming and playing games, you can use smartphones to self-learn coding. We have listed the 4 best free mobile applications for learning to code. Take a look at the list below. 

4. SoloLearn 

The key point of SoloLearn is that this application can be used by all people, from beginner to veteran. And, don’t get fooled by the word solo, because actually, it is not fully self-learn. The application provides a community tab as a means to share information. 

You can access knowledge and editor for free. Do you wish to learn the Python programming language? Absolutely! SoloLearn provides a menu to learn several programming languages such as ​​Python, Kotlin, Java, Ruby, SQL, and many more! 

Download SoloLearn on the Play Store

3. DataCamp

DataCamp application is specifically designed for everyone who wishes to master data scientists from three programming languages: Python, SQL, and R. When you first install the application, you will be asked to choose what subject to study. If you access from the desktop, they have more than 300 courses available! 

This application will invite us to learn from cases and be guided to find the right answer. The programming languages might be fewer, but you can learn in-depth about each programming language. As a bonus, DataCamp comes with a pleasing interface and we guarantee it won’t make the eyes get tired quickly even after hours of study!  

Download DataCamp on the Play Store

2. Programming Hub

Programming Hub is a mobile application to learn coding that has been recognized worldwide for its quality. The number of users who download the app is reaching one million people, it is so famous! After searching for sources, this cool application was made by experts from Google. Well, it’s no wonder that this application gained a lot of users, huh? 

This application offers several programming languages ​​and features. Several programming languages to choose for example HTML, CSS, Net, Java, Javascript, and others. Another benefit of this application is that you can learn from the case of examples. Therefore, you are not only learning theory but also practicing it in the real world. 

Download Programming Hub on Play Store

1. Enki

Enki is a mobile application to learn to code and is the dream of all programmers! The application lets you learn to code just like playing games. With this app, you can learn coding in more fun, sleepy-free! 

They also come with a dark mode which is very popular with programmers. Dark mode allows users to learn more comfortably and focus. Although this application offers many courses, you really can pass it according to skill.  

If you already know and master a course, you can pass it and go on to the next level course. The interface design, features, and user experience is guaranteed, it is no wonder if Enki has been downloaded by one million users. 

Download Enki on the Play Store.

That’s it the four best free mobile applications for learning code. While there is still plenty of time, let’s hone skills to face the challenges of the times.





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