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NewsWednesday February 3rd, 2021

5 Mistakes in Redesigning Website

You may feel that your website is out of date, and think about redesigning the website. However, redesigning a website is not easy, there are at least 5 mistakes to avoid when redesigning a website. 

A website is a visual representation of the business you manage. When customers want to obtain information about your business, they may look for the website first. A website is not only a medium to reach a larger audience, but a website also provides credibility and trust for your business in front of customers.

Therefore, companies are now seeking professional help from IT consulting firms such as AsiaQuest Indonesia for website creation. A website designed improperly will find it difficult to meet the goals in making a website, therefore website design must be in line with business goals.

At least, there are 5 mistakes that you should avoid in doing a website redesign. 


1. Not analyzing current website design


Not a few businesses come to an IT consultant for website redesign without ever analyzing how the current website is. Before looking for a solution to a problem, you have to know what the problem is. 

Take the time to analyze the existing website to find out what is the issues with the current design that you need to do a website redesign. Find out opportunities and make a list of the good and the bad on your website.

All of the above will help you to create new designs that are better than ever.


2. Not setting goals or objectives


Not understanding what you want for your website or what you want to achieve from the website redesign is also a mistake. Before doing a website redesign, make sure you have set the goals or objectives. This step can be done if you have done step 1.

Every web development company, including AsiaQuest Indonesia, will indeed give a rough idea or demo of how your website will look. But, you should also provide a reference about what you want. Maybe you have other website references, you can talk about it to an IT consultant.


3. Prioritizing Aesthetics Over Functional


Well, we understand that nowadays everything has to look eye-catching and attractive. It’s just that, you should not neglect the functionality of the website. A website that is beautiful and attractive to the eye but functionally ugly may indeed attract visitors but it will be impossible to retain visitors.

The main goal of website redesign is to make it look better than before, but you also have to make it work better than the previous one. Good layout and easy navigation are the most important components and should not be neglected. Your website should be easy to use and users can easily find what they are looking for.


4. Set an improper unrealistic budget


Everything costs money. Not a few companies contact website development companies and ask for help with a website redesign, but they set their budget inappropriately. Often the budget set is far from sufficient.

A website redesign cost will depend on the features and functionality you want to be integrated into it. Therefore, you must be realistic in setting a budget referring to the estimated price on the market.


5. Not giving enough time to the web designer


Redesigning a website takes time and you have to be patient to see the results. Give web designers time to do their job. Setting tight deadlines is fine, but try to be realistic.

There are many complexities that a web designer will need to tackle when designing a web, adjusted to client demands, so forcing them to get it done quickly can actually result in damage to work.

There are still a few more mistakes in website redesign to avoid. We will review it another time. You can also chat with us to find out what needs to be done in a website redesign. Our IT team has years of experience both for creating new websites, as well as for website redesign. Contact AsiaQuest Indonesia for more information.


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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