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NewsFriday February 26th, 2021

5 Skills a Python Developer Must Have

Are you a programmer who has moved on from Java to Phyton? If you did, then you must now be relieved for the fact that now Phyton has won second place as the most popular programming language in the world based on index TIOBE. FYI, for the last twenty years, the second most popular programming language in the world was Java. Now, Java must accept the third in position. (Read: Python Beat Java As The Second Most Popular Programming Language In The World). If you don’t know yet, we’d be happy to tell you that pursuing a career as a phyton developer is quite promising now.

However, the headhunter will not look for any phyton developer available out there. There are at least 5 skills that a python developer must have to be able to attract headhunters. Let’s check the list below!


(1) Understand the Machine Learning and AI 

Python programming popular for one reason: it is the fact that it can be implemented in various fields. Python programmers will likely be able to use it in developing machine learning and AI.

Therefore, a developer who has knowledge of machine learning and AI will be a plus compared to those who don’t have the knowledge yet. Also, knowing deep learning will be a plus.


(2) Good Communication Skills  

No matter how good a python developer is, there is nothing better than a developer who can well communicate with others. Good communication skills will help python developers deliver their ideas of innovations. Besides that, good communication skills are needed in working with a colleague and/or client to get the best of teamwork.


(3) Master the Front End Development Technology

Mastering the front-end technology will be a plus for a phyton developer. Front-end development is important when doing a project. A phyton developer will have intense contact with a front-end developer. Therefore, a phyton developer who knows a little bit about front-end development will be a great advantage in doing a task or project.


(4) Master the Basic of Python Framework 

There are three basic frameworks that often is used in Phyton programming, they are Flask, Django, and CherryPy. Mastering these three will help a python developer in doing a project. Actually, there is no standardization for the type of framework that needs to be mastered. However, it will be good to learn these three before going to other frameworks.  


(5) Good Analytical Thinking Skills! 

No matter how complex and challenging a project is, a phyton developer with good analytical thinking skills must be able to solve it. Good analytical thinking skills will help to read algorithms to later be able to work effectively and efficiently. These skills will influence the coding skills of someone. It is important to write code neatly, clean, and consistently.

Mastering these five skills will help a programmer who wishes to pursue a career as a python developer. Happy learning!





Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels


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