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NewsThursday October 15th, 2020

A Closer Look to The Role and…

The role of a leader in a software development project is essential. The leader of the projects often refers to the Project Manager (PM).

As their roles are closely related to the managerial, their tasks and responsibilities are vital, therefore, the PM is a prestigious role. We will know more about the role and responsibilities of a Project Manager from one of AsiaQuest PM, Anggi Agvendo.

What is a Project Manager?

A project manager is responsible for leading the project, right from the beginning, monitoring, help, and present the project to the client.” said Anggi san.

He added that a project manager is like a captain on the ship that directing and help its members in heading to the destination.

How Long Have you Been Working as a Project Manager?

Anggi san said that he has been working as a project manager for the past 2 years. Although, he started his career as a QA specialist (Quality Assurance ) CRM (Customer Relation Management) in an international mobile game manufacturer.

From QA specialist, Anggi san was then promoted to Game Designer.

However, Anggi san involvement in the world of project management was from an academy called the Binar Academy. The academy exists to help the students in honing their skills as well as obtaining experience from a real project.

“In Binar Academy, I was in charge of product management, not project. But, from it, I learned a lot about handling a project from the beginning to the end. I also learn how to handle the various character in a team.” explained him.

After finishing the academy, Anggi san moved to Jakarta because he won the golden ticket in an interview section by a company partner. In Jakarta, he got a position as Business&System Analyst in an automotive leasing company.

“But I know that my passion is in product/project management, so I look for it and I am here now as Project Manager in AsiaQuest Indonesia,” said Anggi san.

It turns out that Anggi san went through a quite long journey until he found his place here. But from his story, we can learn that to become a project manager, it can be started from any position, whether it’s QA, Analyst, Programmer, and so on. But the key to that is a willingness to learn anything.

What Skills does a Project Manager Need?

According to Anggi san, a project manager need hard skills and soft skills.

“Hard skills for example understanding the basic principles of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), documentation, development methodologies, time management, and the ability to write a good requirement,” explained him.

A set of soft skills is necessary for successful project management, for example

“Good communication skills, able to read situation, detail-oriented, and 

Being able to bring a good atmosphere in the team,” said Anggi san.

What are the Task and Responsibilities of a Project Manager in the Web Development Project?

Anggi san revealed that the work of a project manager starts right from the beginning of a project until it is completed and delivered to the client. The detailed task such as

“Requirement project documentation, created budget and timeline, talent allocation, lead a briefing session with development for the clearance of project vision, help the team during the development phase, monitoring, and communication with the business team to bring the project in harmony with the requirements from the client,” said Anggi san.

Is it Fun being a Project Manager?

According to him, there are both pleasant and unpleasant sides to being a project manager.

“It’s fun because I can communicate with all divisions, (which) it will train the way of thinking and verbal skills, leadership, and assertiveness in making decisions,” said Anggi.

As a project manager, he feels that he must always be there when his team needed him so that when he is on leave or on vacation, he inevitably still has to interact with the team when needed.

Any Difficulties with being a Project Manager?

Anggi san didn’t come from the IT technical team, it made him quite difficult at the beginning of his career. But he realizes that being a project manager, he must continue to learn, especially about technology and the methods used by a system to understand the scope to be developed.

All difficulties, in the beginning, become easy when he is used to it and understands the ins and outs of the methods and technology to be used. He also revealed difficulties related to client requirements. 

“Sometimes the requirements from clients are too complex and it can change along the way. It’s a challenge for the team. Because it is possible that what the team has done will be reassembled and the team has to work again from scratch to adjust to the new requirements. But if the team can handle that, then the team’s ability will also improve, “he explained.

Tips for Every Project Manager Who Wishes to Pursue a Professional Career?

According to Anggi san, a career in the professional world for a project manager is not an easy matter. But he shares his tips, it is to always mentally prepared because in this process we will be trained and forged so that we are ready to become professionals.

“We also need to take project manager certification as proof that we are at a professional level. So certification is important because companies or other people will not believe it easily if we are professionals without concrete evidence. ” Anggi explained.

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