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NewsTuesday January 19th, 2021

7 Books Essentials for Programmer of 2021

The Pragmatic Programmer is not the only book in the market as the best book for programmers of 2021. If we look deeper, there are a lot more books that are essential for programmers. The good news is if you are Indonesian and in the search for programming books that serve in Bahasa Indonesia, you can find the list here. These books will help everyone to self-learn the programming anytime anywhere.

Let’s take a look at the best books of 2021 essentials for programmers below. 


(7) Mahir Web Programming ( Ir. Yuniar Supardi, Defri Faizal Maulana S.) 

PHP is the basic programming language that every programmer is highly recommended to master this language. In the book entitled Mahir Web Programming, the author try to help the reader to understand how to create a web using the PHP language. It will not ‘shake’ the head out because the book is easy to read.

Aside from helping every self-learner programmer, the book is advised to be used as a companion for IT students. The book will also help to understand the dynamic web application and how to create one.   


(6) The Self-Taught Programmer (Cory Althoff)

The Self-Taught Programmer is a special book dedicated to every self-learner programmer. The book consists of 27 chapters and is containing an introduction to fundamental programming.

The Self-Taught Programmer is the right book for beginners who wishes to learn programming from scratch. The book reviewing important topics such as Python, fundamental programming, basic algorithm, and so on. They also share tips for success in jobs interview! 


(5) Mudah Menjadi Programmer C++ (Abdul Kadir)

Mudah Menjadi Programmer C++  is the book for programmers serve in Bahasa Indonesia and is recommended book. This book is especially for a programmer who wishes to learn C++, the most popular programming language today in the world. It is written by Abdul Kadir, a researcher who teaches at Universitas Gadjah Mada.

His experiences as a lecturer is a plus for his book. This book is easy to read just like seeing a teacher teach their students. The author also put important notes to make it easy for the reader in understanding the content. If you interested in C++ but don’t wish to learn it at college, try this book. 


(4) Algorithms (Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne)

Whether it is a beginner and/or expert programmer, algorithms are a matter that often difficult to understand. It is difficult that programmers who are experienced in months of projects may not understand the algorithms of the project he/she is doing. This shows how complex is the algorithms.

Therefore, the book entitles Algorithms is very recommended for everyone who wishes to go deeper into algorithms. Who knows, this book may help you to solve complex projects in the future.


(3) The Mythical Man-Month (Frederick P. Brooks Jr. )

Do you prefer learning from practicing than learn from the complex theory? If so, then we recommend The Mythical Man-Month as your companion. The book explains to us about project management. So, you will have the opportunities to learn from mistakes and failures.

If one day you are in a project or organization, it is most likely that you will have no difficulties in managing. Besides that, this book is suitable for everyone who wants to learn about leadership in the programming world. 


(2) Dasar Pemrograman Python 3 + Cd (Abdul Kadir)

Aside from learning from the super-long and complex theoretical explanations, you can learn programming from a simple example. And this is the main feature of the book entitled Dasar Pemrograman Python 3. Thus, everyone can learn the Python language.

The book containing various topics, such as class making and file handling objects, exception handling, Python interpreter installation, and so on. And, the book is equipped with CD to have more interactive learning activities. 


(1) The Pragmatic Programmer (David Thomas, Andrew Hunt)

David Thomas and Andrew Hunt know very well what the programmer newbies needs. The Pragmatic Programmer maybe a guidebook to understand the coding world clearly. The book containing a collection of information about tools that programmers need to know.  

The content is general and less specific, but this does not make it lose its informative side. You will be invited to understand various programming languages and other interesting information. If you think of a novel, this book is a prologue to the world of programming before you learn more complex material. After reading this book, you will understand better how simple coding is created.

By reading the essential books for programmers, hopefully, you can improve your skills in programming. The current market is in demand for IT talent, and the opportunity for programmer jobs is even greater. Prepare yourself from now to fill the void in human resources in Indonesia.



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay



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