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NewsFriday April 23rd, 2021

5 Most Promising IT Jobs After Graduate

After completing studies in Informatics Engineering, what job do you expect to work on? Aside from picking a job as a programmer, there are quite plenty of other jobs as IT graduates that are as promising as a programmer. With so many options available, you can try many jobs in technology for the future.

(1) Teacher in ITC (Information, Technology, and Communication)

Teaching in ITC (Information, Technology, and Communication) is one of the options available, especially if you like teaching. Who says that IT graduates must work in a company? You can share your knowledge and skills with other people by becoming a teacher.

Aside from becoming a teacher at schools, you can also try to open programming courses. Even during the pandemic, you can still open for courses online. In this way, you can also add up some cash to your pocket.

(2) Game Developer

Do you like both technology and gaming? If so, why don’t try to get yourself into a game developer job? Why is this job promising? Well, for your information, the number of online gamers in Indonesia is ranked at six in Asia. So, we can say that this whole game online business is quite promising as there is a market to be aimed for.

Do you know how much the salary is for a game developer? According to the job planet in 2016, the salary of a game developer for entry-level is around 3 million rupiahs per month. This rate can be different depending on the company.

(3) Security Engineer

In the future, the need for security engineers is predicted to increase significantly along with the number of companies that carry out digitalization in their business. When all data has been digitized, then we need a security engineer to keep the system and network security.

A security engineer must be able to perform penetration testing to determine the risk of data leakage. So, network security can be known for sure so that there are no cases of data theft from third parties.

(4) Mobile App Developer

A mobile app developer is someone who develops applications that are suitable for mobile devices. Mobile applications are very specific so they need their own developer. With the increase in smartphone users, the need for a developer that specializes in mobile app development is also increasing.

If you browse through the job vacancy in Jobstreet, you can know that the salary of a mobile app developer in Jakarta is ranging from 5 million to 15 million rupiahs. However, how much you get paid depends on your positions, experience, skills, and the company. Are you not interested in becoming a mobile developer?

(5) System Analyst

System analyst has a vital role for the growth of business in a company. System analysts’ main task is to conduct research, plan, and assist in the transition of adopting a system. With the help of a system analyst, the company can create a system that is in line with the market demand and the company’s vision.

To become a system analyst, you must possess strong analytical thinking to conduct research and determine the system and software that aim at the right target.


Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

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