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NewsFriday January 22nd, 2021

The IoT Product in Our Daily Life

Together with Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT becomes the hottest topic for the last two years. Although the terms might sound foreign and seems to be difficult to understand, without us knowing it there is a lot of IoT product that has been around us. Knowing the IoT products that available in Indonesia today, we may understand the terms easily.

What are the IoT products that around us in our daily life? Take a look at the list below.


(1) CityTouch Technology to Monitor the Lighting in Real-Time 

DKI Jakarta Provincial Government used the CityTouch technology to watch the lighting in public areas. This technology allows the DKI Jakarta Industrial and Energy Agency to watch the everyday use of lighting in real-time. When there is damage, officers can do the repair quickly.

This technology will help to cut out the repairment process that usually takes time because the officers had to wait for reports from civilians. However, with CityTouch, it will now be faster because damage and/or a broken lamp can be seen from the smartphone.


(2) EWS Earthquake Detector

A group of scientists from Universitas Gadjah Mada has developed the IoT-based EWS Earthquake detector. With this tool, earthquakes can be detected from three days to two weeks before they happened. The existence of this tool will help the people in Indonesia.

Especially when seeing the fact that Indonesia is at high risk of earthquakes. The EWS tool will help the Indonesian government in quickly doing the countermeasures. The risk of casualties and damage can also be reduced. For detailed information, please read the UGM Develops IoT System For Early Detection Of Earthquake


(3) Monitor the Coffee Quality 

World Coffee Organization data from October 2008 to September 2019 (quoted from revealed that coffee consumption in Indonesia increased 44%. With the high consumption of coffee, coffee producers in Indonesia are required to be able to produce large amounts of coffee without sacrificing its quality.

To maintain the quality and consistency of coffee taste, people now use IoT technology. Smart Coffee Monitoring is an IoT-based tool that monitors the quality and consistency of coffee flavors. Thus, the quality and taste will remain the same even though it is processed by different people.


(4) Collecting Photo of JKT48 Member without Queuing

AsiaQuest, the holding company of AsiaQuest Indonesia, developed a sophisticated IoT-based application for the JKT48 handshake event in July 2019. The application called Handshake Foto2 Reli was developed with the Beaconnect Plus platform. With this application, participants can enjoy the event while collecting exclusive photos of JKT48 members.

Once the app is installed on the smartphone, you can use it to scan at photo acquisition points. Later, you don’t have to queue to get exclusive photos from JKT48 members. After successfully collecting sixteen photos from various photo acquisition points, you are entitled to receive special photos!


(5) Smart Refrigerator, Monitor Food Stock in Refrigerator from Smartphone!

Have you ever heard of a smart refrigerator? The smart refrigerator is planted with sensors that allow users to remotely monitor foodstuffs in the refrigerator. You only need to check your smartphone for the availability of foodstuffs in the refrigerator. 

After coming home from work, you can immediately stop by the supermarket to buy groceries that have run out without having to go home to check the refrigerator at home. This smart refrigerator can be a solution for people who are so busy that they don’t have time to take care of the kitchen. 


(6) Monitor the Location of the Transjakarta Bus 

One of the uses of IoT that is very close to our lives is a tool to track the location of Transjakarta buses. This technology allows you to know the location of the Transjakarta bus in real-time and estimate the travel time. This way, you can save time knowing when the bus will arrive. 

Unexpectedly, there are many simple IoT products around us, aren’t they? Thanks to IoT, our lives have become more practical, faster, and easier. You can also use the time for other productive things! 




Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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