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NewsThursday November 12th, 2020

Why You Should Choose IT Consulting Firm…

IT consulting firms are everywhere to be found in Jakarta, however, AsiaQuest Indonesia still holds a special place in the heart of our business clients. Why is that? Even though it was only established in 2012, our credibility is indeed not be questioned. For years, we have been trusted to work on various projects for more than 100 local and global companies.

However, it’s easier said than done. No matter how big the number of clients we mention, you will not be 100% sure until you know the real proof. Therefore, the Director of AsiaQuest Indonesia, Edy Susanto, will share a little factual data on company services.


Our Most Favorable Services by Clients 

At the “Know More about AQI” session on October 1, 2020, Edy Susanto mentioned the four services that currently in high demand. These services such as Kintone, website consulting, maintenance consulting, and system consulting.

In addition to services, AsiaQuest Indonesia’s clients are divided into two types, first, the clients with sustainable projects and clients with one-time projects. Seeing these details, now you know how diverse our clients are.

Of all the projects, Kintone is the most attractive service to businesses in Indonesia. Many Japanese companies rely on Kintone to manage their corporate businesses. FYI, AsiaQuest Indonesia is the official partner of Cybozu Inc for Kintone sales in Indonesia since 2016. We received a “Global Award” at Cybozu Award in 2019.

Read the complete news in “AQI Wins The Global Cybozu Award 2019”. 

There it is a little description of clients who had and are still using our services. We hope you will be more determined to make your choice on us, an IT consulting firm in Jakarta, AsiaQuest Indonesia. We carry the One-Stop Service business model, we are ready to serve and find solutions to various problems in your business.


Photo by fauxels from Pexels

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