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NewsTuesday November 10th, 2020

A Brief to AsiaQuest Indonesia Business Services

We’re back again with our special topic that has been shared with our internal team in a session called Know More about AQI. We previously had an intense conversation to dig deeper into AsiaQuest Indonesia director, Edy Susanto in a writing titled Inspiring Life Story Of Our Director, Edy Susanto. The article is a summary from Know More about AQI in the second session.

Now, what is being talked about in the Know More about AQI on the third session? Well, this time, Pak Edy presented a brief explanation to AsiaQuest Indonesia’s business services.

As you know, until now, AsiaQuest Indonesia has served hundreds of local multinational companies, from government institutions, private companies, as well as Japanese companies. Do you have any idea about what we really do as an IT consultant?


The 5 Business Services of AsiaQuest Indonesia 

AsiaQuest Indonesia served its client with 5 main business services. These five business services are business consulting, the website consulting, system consulting, EC consulting, and maintenance consulting. From all of these five, system consulting is the most favorable service among our clients. Aside from that, AsiaQuest Indonesia also focuses on mobile apps and Kintone for the years ahead. 

We are ready to serve clients according to their needs, tailored carefully according to the conditions of the company. Whenever you encounter problems with your business, our IT team experts are ready to formulate solutions. We strengthen our IT team with members that can speak trilingual, Indonesian, English, and Japanese.

These five business services are indeed our main pillar, however, AQI will never stop to innovate. Along with the digital transformation, the company has set a new vision, it is to focus on adopting the new technologies for the website, system, and mobile development. The new technologies we wish to focus on are AI, cloud, and IoT.

As a Japanese subsidiary company, we are ready to serve the client’s needs with Japanese technology and standard of services. Please contact us in advance for detailed information about our services.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels


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