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NewsTuesday October 20th, 2020

Indonesian Companies That Develops IoT

Talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) in Indonesia seems like going through a long long road. However, it is not a bad thing though. We know that Indonesia missed the start points far from the other countries. But, Indonesian companies that develop IoT actually exist. What are they? Let’s take a look at the details below.


1. Hara (Food and Agriculture Industry) 

Hara is a software development company that focuses on food and agriculture. Many claim that this company will be the backbone of agriculture in Indonesia. Hara focuses on the digitization of agriculture by leveraging the IoT. 

The cutting-edge technology they used has allowed farmers to manage their farms in an easy and practical manner. They can calculate the volume of fertilizer by using smartphones to maximize the harvest and minimize the risk of crop failure. 

Hara carries its mission to bring welfare to the Indonesian farmers with the help of digitization. We invite you to check their brilliant programs in haratoken.ion


2. eFishery (Aquaculture Industry)


Are you a busy person that you don’t have time to feed fishes? Then, maybe this is the right time for you to try the IoT products from eFishery. EFishery is a company that focuses on the development of IoT for the aquaculture industry. One of their IoT product is eFisheryFeeder for Fish, a tool to automatically feed fish.  

What you need is just set up an automatic schedule and this IoT tool will feed the fishes according to the schedule. With this tool, no more malnourished fish as the dosage and schedule can be set up automatically. Besides the eFisherFeeder, this company also creates other products. Please go to to check other products.


3. Qlue (Smart City)

Qlue, a technology company founded in 2014 has made an outstanding achievement. Qlue is a company that works on the first smart city in Indonesia. They are active in creating innovation and has achieved many awards. 

Some of the awards they have achieved for example Global Smart City Contest from the World Smart City Organization in London, the M-Government Service Award from The World Government Summit in Dubai, and many others. Meanwhile, the notable projects from Qlue, the smart trash bin, and air pollution detector. You can see their detailed projects here

These three companies are Indonesian and they develop products by leveraging the IoT. Do you wish to be part of them? You can start to build your own business and develop IoT too. But, before going too far, we recommend you to read our article How the Internet of Things (IoT) Works to get an understanding of the business potential for the future.




Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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