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NewsTuesday April 6th, 2021

5 Best Mobile Apps for Studying CPNS…

The CPNS test is getting closer, have you prepared yourself for the test? Do you struggle to study while there is only one month left before the test? If so, before the CPNS registration opens, make use of the remaining time available to study for the CPNS recruitment test. Below, we have searched for the 5 best mobile apps to help you study the CPNS test for 2021. 

We’ve gone through checking and testing several mobile apps and ended up on these 5 mobile apps that we feel good enough and worth considering. If you are now on employment and have a busy working schedule, you can still prepare yourself for the CPNS test using these 5 apps. Let’s check out the full list below!  

(1) Smart BTW-CAT/UTBK Online Application 

If you specifically want to focus on studying the SKD, you can try the Smart BTW-CAT/UTBK Online Application. The app was developed for various purposes, such as the CPNS test and admission test to universities or state colleges (STPDN, STAN, STTD, and others). Just one app to be able to prepare yourself for multiple admission tests. 

So, what are the benefits of the Smart BTW-CAT/UTBK Online Application? When drilling yourself with questions, the result is provided in real-time. The cool thing is, the app will rank you nationally so you can compare yourself with other users all over Indonesia. This way, you can measure yourself before fighting on the real battlefield. 

Download Smart BTW-CAT/UTBK Online Application


(2) CPNS Master 

In this digital era, you don’t need to carry a CPNS test collection book wherever you do your activities thanks to the CPNS Master mobile application. CPNS Master is a mobile application that contains a collection of CPNS test questions! Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can still access it. As we know, one of the tricks to pass the CPNS test is to practice more and more CPNS questions test in the previous year. 

What can be learned from the CPNS Master application? You can learn the SKD, TIU questions test, personal characteristics tests, and national insight tests. With complete content, you can learn many topics! The CPNS Maste app provides a free plan that features a free tryout master twice, as well as the analysis of the test results. If you want to access the full feature, please pay a subscription plan.

Check the Indonesian CPNS Master Website


(3) CAT CPNS 2021 + Complete Material 

CAT CPNS 2021 + Complete Material is a mobile application that has been downloaded by more than 10.000 users and reviewed by more than 1000 users! This indicates that the quality of this CPNS test application has been recognized by many people. If you are looking for a popular CPNS test application, then choose this application. 

This application has more than 500 simulations of the latest CAT questions along with the tips for doing them. That said, all the questions in the application have been updated to the latest version so you can study them effectively in a short time. 

Download CAT CPNS 2021 + Complete Material 


(4) CAT CPNS 2021

Are you looking for an updated collection of CPNS test questions? You can consider the LATEST CPNS CAT application 2021. This application contains various materials, such as the TWK, TIU, and TKD tests. Aside from providing a list of test questions, you can also learn tips and tricks in doing CAT (Computer Assisted Test). 

You can also try to take an online simulation of the CPNS test on this app. When you complete the test, the app will show you a review of your answer. You can learn the details of each question so you won’t make the same mistake in the next questions. 

Download the LATEST CAT CPNS 2021


(5) CAT CPNS 2020 Simulation

If you are not familiar with the CAT test system, please practice with the CPNS 2020 CAT Simulation, which has been downloaded 500.000 times this time! This application is a CAT simulation test that is very similar to the real CPNS test. Later, you have to do the CPNS test questions in just 90 minutes and the results will come out immediately like a real CPNS test. 

If the original CPNS test cannot be repeated, you can do this simulation test over and over again until all your answers are correct. Even if you can’t answer, an answer and discussion will appear later. This application is also equipped with supporting questions to help you master all the material for the CPNS test. 

Download the 2020 CPNS CAT Simulation

Please try these 5 best CPNS test applications above and hopefully you can pass the CPNS recruitment this year! 

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

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