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NewsMonday February 1st, 2021

Should You Use Paid Ads to Increase…

When you search for something on Google, you will find at the top of the list is a link with a small written ‘Ad’ next to the link, just like the below screenshot:

The ad indicates that the content displayed is sponsored content. Website owners pay Google to promote their page, when someone typing a keyword that matches, Google will show the related page. 

Not all content on page one of Google Search is Ad, the sponsored content may be in rows one, two, three, and the rest is purely organic page content.

You may often hear the paid ads, Google Ads, or SEM, they may seem like different terms but they are actually referring to the same thing, the sponsored content. 

Sometimes, you will also find the term Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, which also refers to sponsored searches provided by Google. PPC Ads uses a per click model, which means that you will pay Google every time someone clicks on the link that you advertise.

Are Paid Ads Required?

Paid Ads are definitely necessary. The use of paid ads must be tailored to the needs. Before running the paid ads, you need to consider the budget because as long as the ads running, you will have to pay for the services. 

Paid ads such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. are services where you can promote products and services. When you bid keywords with the right target, there is a chance for the products and services to be seen by thousands even millions of people.

Google Ads as the largest online advertising platform in the world, and a favorite of marketers, provides several types of advertising, such as search campaigns, display campaigns, shopping campaigns, video campaigns, and app campaigns. 

Each type of advertising can be selected according to the product campaign you are running, whether it is video, article content, products on the marketplace, mobile applications, etc.

Paid Ads provides the opportunity for the products and services you sell to be seen by thousands to millions of people in just a short time. Within hours of installing paid ads, your content will appear immediately.

So, paid ads are indispensable for the promotion of products and services that you want to sell out quickly. For example, you are selling Eid hampers and you want these products to sell quickly, you better use paid ads.

The conclusion is that paid ads are needed to increase sales. However, you can’t keep relying on paid ads because it will make the company’s budget burst. You can combine paid ads with organic traffic so as not to overload your budget for ad spending.


Photo by Serpstat from Pexels

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