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BlogSaturday May 30th, 2020

Best Video Call Apps for Team Meeting

During the COVID19 pandemic, video call apps becoming very popular among teamwork to conduct online team meetings. Video call apps now are the best option to keep face to face communication runs smoothly.

Your team can conduct team meetings anytime even when you are far away from each other. Some video conferencing apps are compatible with any devices that you have no reason to leave team meetings for devices lacking. 

Amongst several video call apps that are available, we recommend 8 video call apps for the team meetings. 

The 8 Best Video Call apps for the team meeting

Below we will describe the 8 best video call apps that often use by teamwork to conduct meetings during the COVID19 pandemic. Some apps might be familiar such as Skype, Slack, google meet, zoom, discord, etc. We also listed some other video call apps for your alternative choices.

1. Skype 

When talking about video call apps, we cannot skip the famous Skype. The very first video conferencing apps Skype is compatible with many devices making it easy to use apps. Skype can be used in PC/Windows, Mac, iOS, and android. Skype has that strong formal impression that we recommend it when meeting with clients.

2. Google Hangouts Meet

For teamwork meetings, we highly recommend Google Hangouts Meet. The apps allow you to set team meeting date and time and added it to Gmail and Google Calendar. Simply add each team member’s Gmail address to invite them to the team meeting. In addition to a person to person video call, you can use Google Hangouts Meet for chatting and conferencing.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp video call can be used in a non-formal online meeting. WhatsApp often becomes the very first choice since it is easily used with a smartphone. Whatsapp is considered to be more practical than the other PC-based video conferencing apps. Unfortunately, WhatsApp can only cover 8 users so it is not recommended for big teamwork meetings.

4. Facebook Messenger Rooms

After Facebook releasing Messenger Rooms, it soon becomes famous and soon competing with Zoom. What makes Facebook Messenger Rooms famous? Well, Facebook Messenger Rooms can accommodate a big room, literally big that it can accommodate for up to 50 users in a conference room. With Facebook Messenger Rooms, big meetings and online conference is very possible. Another cool feature that Messenger Rooms has is setting mode meeting into public or private.

5. Snapchat

Snapchat is specially designed for creative people. Boring online meetings can be fun with Snapchat. The main target of this apps is teenagers, but apparently Snapchat has a feature that allows users to conduct nonformal meetings in a fun way. With Snapchat, you can have chat and call video at the same time with 16 users in a room.

6. Slack

If your office has a subscription to Slack, you can use this app to conduct an online meeting with a colleague. You can have a person to person video call by using slack! Aside from direct message and group chat, there are not many people who acknowledge that they can do a call video with Slack. 

7. Discord

Discord might often be used as chat room amongst gamers, but actually Discord can do more than that. Discord can accommodate a call video for up to 25 users in one room. Therefore, you can use Discord for online meetings too. The main feature of Discord is sharing screen and call video at a time. No need to switch between screens to enjoy this cool feature. 

8. Facetime

Facetime is meant for iPhone users. Therefore, if you are an iPhone user, you might familiar with Facetime. For new users, you can try apps that can be used for MacOS and iOS users. But, Facetime is very exclusive since it can’t be used by android users.

With the 8 best video call/conference apps, you can conduct online meetings easily on your own devices. From the 8 apps above, are there any apps that you already have a use? Even though you already have subscribed to an app, there’s nothing wrong with trying a new one.

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