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BlogTuesday May 11th, 2021

LinkAja Now Offers Online Loans

LinkAja is a mobile app e-wallet that is founded by state-owned banks (Himbara) and state-owned companies. So, in that case, we can say that LinkAja is an e-wallet as the product of the government.

LinkAja is a mobile application that provides digital wallet services but now is exploring new business opportunities by offering online loans. Online loans are now trending among Indonesian society especially those who need fast money but have no asset to be used as collateral.

LinkAja mobile application can be downloaded for free on the PlayStore (Android) and AppStore (iOS). After downloading the application, make sure to register by following the instructions in the application.

Apply for Online Loans within LinkAja mobile application

LinkAja mobile application provides an easy, fast, and secure online loan application. Before applying, make sure to get your ID prepared and no, you don’t need to prepare collateral.

The Online Loan in LinkAja provided by four companies, Mandiri Utama Finance, UKU, Pegadaian, and Kredit Pintar. There is an exception for users who apply to online loans at Pegadaian, they will require you to provide collateral. 

LinkAja, the Fintech Mobile Application supervised by the OJK

Before applying for an online loan via the mobile application, you need to make sure that the organization behind the mobile app is reliable and ensures users’ security. Especially for financial technology applications, their app and their services must be registered and supervised by the OJK (Financial Services Authority). 

LinkAja is a mobile application that provides e-wallet services as well as online loans that ensure safety and reliability as they have been registered and supervised by OJK. On top of that, when you committed to online loans, make sure to be able to pay the debt on time. Don’t go into debt carelessly because it can make you lose multiple times in the future.


Photo by Jizhidexiaohailang on Unsplash

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