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NewsThursday July 16th, 2020

The Online Class is Trending during the…

Since the coronavirus spread in Indonesia, the government decided that children cannot go to school so they have to join the online class. Teaching and learning activities that were originally in the classroom now move to houses in the form of online classes.

Even though now some activities are gradually being carried out normally, school activities are still continuing to do in online classes. As a result, now online classes are now trending in Indonesia.

President Jokowi even mentioned that online classes are not only part of new normal, online classes can be the next normal. That is saying, in the future, the government will continue to implement the online classes.

“Online lectures which previously considered as slow to develop are now very developed. Online lectures are the new normal and will be the next normal. I am sure that new normality will grow more innovative and productive, ” said Jokowi as quoted by Kumparan.

Online Classes Can Be the Solution for Equality in Education

Every citizen in Indonesia has the right to get a fair and equitable education. However, uneven education has always been a problem since then until now. 

To fulfill the national ideals of equal education for all children in Indonesia, the government’s obligation is to facilitate all needs. Online classes may be one way to achieve educational goals that are equitable for all people. 

Children throughout Indonesia can enjoy equal access to education with online classes. The huge cost to study can be avoided by online classes, it can be sure to be far cheaper than having to study far across the island.

Online Classes for Cross-Island Education

Indonesia is an archipelago country and this is often becoming an obstacle for children outside the region and even outside the island to get an education in Java. If the implementation of online classes is getting better and better, maybe in the future children outside the area or outside the island can learn from campuses throughout Indonesia from where they live.

Children who live in Yogyakarta can register for online classes at campuses in Jakarta. Children who live in Aceh can register for online classes at campuses in Sulawesi, and vice versa. With online classes, distance and time are no longer be a problem.

Online Classes Use Various Existing Applications

Online classes are now becoming trends. Online classes can be done in interactive classes with teachers and students in a video conference application that some are provided by leading online learning companies such as Ruangguru.

Campuses are now holding their classes online. The lecturers can teach courses face-to-face with their students through the free video-conferencing application. Various video call and video conference applications are now trending, such as Google Meet, Google Hangout, Zoom, Facebook Messenger Room, WhatsApp Video Call, etc.

Things that are ‘online’  are closer to Generation Z, so online classes are not an obstacle for the young generation as they are close with gadgets. In the future, it is not impossible that more educational institutions will open online classes by utilizing various apps that are available for free.

Online Classes: Video Call Apps Drained the Internet Packages

With current online class trends, in the future, it is expected that all children in Indonesia can enjoy equality in education. With the online class trend as well, it is hoped that the government will continue to expand the reach of the internet at low prices and more affordable for all children in Indonesia.

For current conditions, we should be honest that internet packages are still a problem. Video call and video conferencing apps that take hours and hours for online classes are consuming large internet packages. As a result, users must buy internet packages more often.

Online Classes: Difficulty in Getting Proper Signals

However, the government needs to work hard to improve existing infrastructure such as internet networks throughout all regions in Indonesia. It will be useless if the government continues to encourage institutions to hold online classes but there is not enough infrastructure available.

Today’s online classes may only be enjoyed smoothly in big cities. In fact, there are areas where children are still having trouble accessing the internet. For example, in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, children must climb to the hill to get an internet connection. The conditions are made worse by the cost of the internet that is not affordable for poor students.

That’s why we need to be grateful if we can still enjoy a high-quality internet connection, if our parents still can afford the internet cost, etc.

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